How to stay organized during Distance Learning


Jessica Joachim

With the arrival of COVID-19 in Cobb County, measures taken by the school district resulted in online distance learning. As a rare experience for most students and staff alike, families take steps to enact a sense of normalcy within their homes. By practicing several tips to stay organized, students can eliminate feeling overwhelmed.

Jessica Joachim, News editor

As the process of online distance learning remains an unfamiliar experience for most, NC students and their families take the experience one step at a time and prepare to practice social distancing, even from school, for the upcoming weeks. Moving from learning physically in the classroom to digital learning can prove difficult for students who experience trouble focusing, but keeping up with a routine can help students stay organized. 

Wake up at the same time you normally would (or at least early enough):

While schooling will no longer take place in a physical building for a while, learning still continues online. Teachers have taken the initiative to upload their lessons online, typically in the morning. By waking up early, students can stay on top of what may seem like a heavier workload. 

Make a schedule and stick to it:

By creating a schedule, students can plan out for their day and know what to expect. Students should try planning for their daily activities in hourly increments to leave space for unexpected events. Families can find templates for schedules online to help guide them along the way. 

Track your progress with an agenda:

Even with online schooling, students still need to keep track of their assignments for each class. By holding onto an agenda and writing each of the tasks for the day, students can prevent forgetting their assignments. Crossing out tasks at the end of the day can also help to create a sense of relief and recognition of accomplishments for the day, leaving room for relaxation at home.

Eliminate distractions:

When in school, teachers typically prevent students from keeping cellular devices near them to avoid distractions. However, when working from home, students face the distractions of technology all around them. Simply turning off one’s device and placing it in another room can help prevent the buzzing and notifications from distracting students from their work. Students with Apple devices can also put in place an option to limit their daily screen time and even cater it to a specific app.

Set out a designated workspace:

While not staying in school, students can feel tempted to stay in bed and work on their assignments. However, sources show that doing work in bed can even decrease productivity. By assigning a room in the home and recognizing it as a space to complete work, students can further emphasize a sense of organization and focus.

As families prepare for the unknown, maintaining a structure can help to keep a sense of familiarity. Enacting simple steps during this time of working at home can help to improve productivity. While social distancing can feel isolating, make sure to keep in touch with friends and loved ones; everyone will overcome this difficult time together.