Events to Look Forward to After Quarantine 


Courtesy of Pexels

The onset of novel coronavirus canceled events for everyone but it will not continue forever. In the future people can participate in fun activities without risking their health. A large group of people will become normal again and no one will need masks.

Jachi Cosby, Staff

 With the Coronavirus still lingering staying home feels more and more depressing. Although businesses began opening up, they can not return to normalcy yet. To try and stay motivated, look forward to the future and participating in activities once loved.


When COVID clears up a variety of concerts will arise for people to attend since all artists needed to postpone their tours. Even singers who did not announce a tour before COVID want to perform again after staying in the house for so long. Concerts provide a chance to see your favorite artist in person and with people who enjoy the same music. Expect concerts in 2021 from Justin Beiber, The Weeknd and Harry Styles.


Airports went from crowded to desolate because of coronavirus. While traveling is allowed, passengers worry about masks, social distancing and sanitization. After COVID, people can breathe in the beach air without worrying about getting sick, go places without a mask, or someone checking their temperature. 

“I miss seeing different cultures and connecting with people I travel with. I miss getting out of my comfort zone and seeing the world outside of my bubble,” Magnet sophomore Mya Conner said.


This year, most of our time took place with immediate family, but when COVID disappears, parties can start again. At a party, people can laugh, play games, eat delicious food and dance to music with their friends. People will celebrate birthdays the holidays and special occasions with loved ones. 50 people in an indoor space will not cause problems anymore.


Waking up early for online school seems pointless. Learning without seeing your friends makes school feel boring. When the Coronavirus passes we can head back to school and make learning fun again. The school will continue to host events such as Homecoming week, spirit days, Sports games, extracurricular activities and more, making school more than just learning.

Do not let quarantine discourage you from the future. The coronavirus will subside eventually, even if it feels like forever and when it does people can go back to spending time with friends and family. When COVID completely disappears businesses will open up and life will return to normalcy.