A renewed purpose: The homecoming evolution continues


Image courtesy of NCHS Tribe

NC Homecoming King and Queen from last school year in 2019 pose for a photo. In a year of uncertainty, NC Tribal Connections decided to host a unique Homecoming to raise school spirits. Although it will not resemble previous Homecomings entirely, it will feature a spirit week and Homecoming Court.

Chancelor Gordon, Reporter

Homecoming, an event NC students look forward to year after year, quickly became a possibly dangerous, viral epicenter as COVID-19 reaches new records. Although Homecoming persists as one of the most exciting high school experiences, the amount of uncertainty this year urged everyone to question the possibility of holding a Homecoming. As an event that changes yearly, the 2020-2021 school year Homecoming does not fail to continue the tradition.

With the current circumstances, it proves difficult for anyone to imagine anything remotely close to the normal grandness of Homecoming. Of course, the traditional dance and event cannot occur this year, but Tribal Connections (TC) came up with a semi-Homecoming for students. 

“Due to not being able to do an actual Homecoming this year, TC decided we would do a hoco court and dress up week instead,” junior Vice President Kiana Hawley said.

Homecoming spirit week should take place in the near future. Originally scheduled for January 19-22, TC postponed it due to the transition to virtual learning during the same week. Within the 2020-2021 school year, spirit days will consist of themes such as Monochrome Mania, Throwback Thursday, and Jersey Out amongst others. 

Spirit Week, a Homecoming staple always features different themes for dress-up days. Thirty years ago in 1991, dress-up days included Hat Day, Hippie Day, Country and Western Day, Tie Day, and the classic Orange and White Day showcasing NC school spirit. 

In 1991, spirit week fostered intense competition between the classes. Dress days, class games, float and Lip Sync competitions, fundraisers, and spirit contests encapsulated the school with a competitive spirit. Seniors, driven by their last hurrah, swept the competition. Spirit week 2021, thirty years later, takes on a whole new meaning.

“We wanted to keep up school spirits in these difficult times and get the student body involved again,” Hawley said. 

Homecoming 2021 displays great differences compared to previous years. Themes, always a big part of NC Homecomings, range from “Almost a Black Tie Affair” thirty years ago to “Hollywood” just three years ago. For the first time, NC Homecoming will lack a theme and a physical dance. 

Generally taking place in the fall during football season, Homecoming will take place in the winter. For the first time, NC Homecoming will also occur

 without being tied to the corresponding football game.

Students will vote for the Homecoming court as usual. However, the Homecoming court will lose the opportunity to walk out on the football field in front of other students and community members; though, they will make history as the first Homecoming court during a pandemic.

Although students will not get to take part in the usual traditions or get to dance the night away to Drivers License, Homecoming 2021 will go down in history. It comes at a time when students need it the most, and it will stay in our hearts forever.

“It will definitely help boost spirits and keep a sense of normalcy in these unprecedented times, and for that we are grateful,” senior Amanda Merrilles said.