The angelic debut of Lil Nas X



Lil Nas X shows the world his musical diversity with his new debut. Angelic visuals and social media controversies cling to the rapper’s current era. The album, bearing his birth name as the title, hopes to bring new heights to the iconic rapper’s career.

J'nyah Peace, Reporter

Lil Nas X’s highly anticipated album finally entered the hands of music fans on September 17th. The album Montero, named after the legal name beneath his alias, tells the rapper’s true story accompanied by musical experimentation. Hailing from Lithia Springs, Georgia, and born Montero Lamar Hill, the rapper uses his hometown, race, and complexity of sexuality to embody his album. 

“I really enjoyed it. It showed how versatile he was as an artist and I can’t stop listening to it. My favorite is either ‘Industry Baby’ or the one with Doja Cat,” senior Bentley Huff said.

Lil Nas X’s breakout single “Old Town Road” challenged old-fashioned views of the country genre, with Hill as the first gay, Black man to hit #1 on Country’s Hot 100. The viral hit made Billboard history on several counts and continues to receive platinum

Social media tactics teased the upbeat singles on “Montero” but on its release date, the anticipated catchy 808s can be seen as anomalies and acoustic ballads demand attention. Soft tunes embellish sections of the album that illustrate the artist’s story. Lil Nas X’s unique upbringing and hometown infiltrate the full sounds on the record, with guitar riffs and basses adorning almost every track, a nod to his southeastern hometown.

The introduction track, stealing its title from the album, became the breakout track. “MONTERO ”came in snippets on TikTok, teasing the fans in increments to “hype” its release. Once released with the music video, the anticipation for the album and the culture of “Lil Nas X ” manifested. Lil Nas X’s video generated multiple responses from a variety of groups, from historians to Harvard students to Christians whose opinions often aligned with the “Satanic Panic” era. Lil Nas X uses his LGBTQ+ identity in his music and directly defies all who dislike him. 

Lil Nas X brings star power from across the music industry to boost his first studio album with artists like Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. Elton John and Lil Nas X, both members of the LGBTQ+ community that lives and thrives in the industry, team up on a partial piano ballad. Doja Cat raps alongside him on a guitar-riffing, repeating the radio-bound song. Despite Lil Nas X’s musical reputation of energetic songs, Lil Nas X speaks his mind between those catchy tracks with melancholic songs such as “Tales of Dominica” and the new break-out single, “That’s What I Want”. 

“Lil Nas X being unapologetic about his sexuality speaks to me as an individual and that’s what makes this album so different from what’s out right now,” Allatoona student Will Copeland said. 

Professionals expect Lil Nas X’s career to skyrocket as the chart dominance continues. The ethereal packaging of Lil Nas X’s telling debut combines his confidence and artistry. NC students should tune into Lil Nas X’s musical blossoming.


The Chant’s Grade: A+