Lettuce discuss why Chipotle remains the best burrito chain


Peyton Stack

Chipotle’s diverse menu that yields both quality and quantity, allows customers to experience a healthy meal in every bite. Weight training or regular physical activity participants turn to the burrito restaurant to fulfill their everyday needs. One reason why this spot remains so popular amongst lifters centers around the organic ingredients, taste, and relatively low-calorie count. All in all, Chipotle benefits the masses which helps them earn the top spot on The Chant’s “battle of the burritos”.

Peyton Stack, Copy Editor

Throughout the United States, various people argue for and defend their favorite Tex-Mex fast-food restaurants. Commonly referred to as “burrito places”, the ongoing debate includes restaurants such as Chipotle, Moe’s, Qdoba, Willy’s and Baja Fresh. For the greater good of all parties involved, the typical mainstream chains of Taco Bell and Del Taco do not fill a spot in what The Chant dubs the “battle of the burritos.” Despite each establishment’s unique aspects, Chipotle remains a clear winner and deserves the title of best burrito for a collection of distinctive reasoning. 

“I have a lot of respect for Chipotle because it offers to fulfill yet healthy meals along with high-quality food that rivals top tier restaurants. Especially after the gym, Chipotle is a good source of protein to help recover from tough workouts,” senior and Chipotle advocate Lorenzo Alarcon said. 

Fresh and Organic Ingredients

According to Chiptole’s official site, the 28-year-old global chain stands as the first national restaurant to commit to goals on local and organic produce, along with the use of responsibly raised meat that closely follows animal welfare standards. Chipotle’s ingredients used in bowls, burritos, quesadillas and more, contain absolutely zero hormones which avoid hormonal imbalances that ultimately may increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. These same ingredients also contain zero artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives that the kitchen prepares in-house, meaning no freezers or cans. The overall freshness of Chiptole’s organic ingredients can easily be tasted in any entree form that a customer orders when they walk through the door. 


Better Tasting Food and more variety

No other rival restaurant compares to Chiptole’s distinctive taste. From cilantro-lime rice to fresh, homemade guacamole, Chipotle blends vegetables (such as onions and tomatoes) and self-made seasonings to complement their high-quality meats. Compared to other chains like Moes, whose food typically tastes bland and generic to accommodate everyone, a small percentage of people may claim Chipotle possesses non-desirable products simply because the Denver-based company boasts flavorful ingredients. With 53 different ingredients available in several finished forms, customers can find at least one item that they enjoy. For example, Chipotle grills their boneless, skinless chicken thighs on a flat-top grill in the kitchen area behind you. No freezers. Always fresh. 

Adequate treatment and pay towards Employees

The eco-friendly company began offering hourly wages for employees in 2015, along with several competitive benefits that include paid sick leave and vacation for all employees. The local Kennesaw Chipotle, located on Townpark Lane, offers employees $11.50/hour with tuition assistance due to the high volume of Kennesaw State student-workers. With a 3.3 rating on Indeed, workers build 401k plans and retirement benefits through Chipotle, and could possibly earn up to $100,000 a year if they reach the “restaurateur position”.

Critic’s Argument

The general consensus amongst critics around Georgia revolves around the taste of certain Chipotle menu items. Various customers claim their lime-salt chips fail to meet the freshness of other establishments’ fried tortillas. In addition to this, critics often complain about the extra charges for items such as guacamole, chips, queso, and double servings of menu items. Other burrito places, like Moe’s, serve complimentary chips with every meal, and only charge a dollar extra for side dips. Speaking of side dips, Chipotle’s reputation for odd, inconsistent queso remains popular amongst consumers. All in all, the flaws pointed out by non-supporters consist of minor details that do not represent the company’s product as a whole. 

“Chipotle was born of the radical belief that there is a connection between how food is raised and prepared, and how it tastes. Real is better. Better for You, Better for People, Better for Our Planet. It may be the hard way to do things, but it’s the right way,” Chipotle’s site said

Though Chipotle holds its faults and imperfections, the Tex-Mex burrito restaurant easily possesses the most appetizing cuisine across the U.S