Fall date ideas


Marissa Amorose

Fall, the third season of the year, remains vastly popular for couples since they can go on different types of fun dates. Certain ones occur inside while most take place outside as the weather cools down. Sometimes people need more ideas on what to do on date night, especially during the fall. The final decision-making seems considerably difficult, but less stressful with all the different ideas. Even if people do not have a significant other they can enjoy the various dates too.

Marissa Amorose, Reporter


Planning a date during the fall poses multiple unique questions couples must answer: what to do when to do it, and lastly where to do it. Fall possesses an immense amount of activity choices to think about and make. Activities such as going to a pumpkin patch, going to a local fair or festival, attending a local football game, and carving pumpkins. People do not have to only enjoy these activities with a significant other. They can also take place with friends or even family. 

“My significant other and I went on multiple fall dates during the beginning of September. We went to the mini fair/carnival at Town Center mall and then went to the local grocery store and bought pumpkins to carve. We both really enjoy going on dates in the fall due to the weather change and multiple other reasons. We also enjoyed the different aspects of the date and hope to go on more with each other soon,” sophomore Ryan Vickers said.

Outdoor activities such as apple picking, bike riding,  walking through parks, going to a pumpkin patch, and countless other activities can boost one’s autumn morale. Adventuring off to a pumpkin patch remains a staple of all the outside adventures since people can do numerous activities at one specific place. Participating in activities such as picking pumpkins to carve together, taking cute photos, and just enjoying the beautiful scenery can all take place at a pumpkin patch. 

While the bulk of Fall Dates occurs outside, a handful actually takes place inside too. Dates such as cuddling up and watching a movie while eating fresh-popped popcorn, baking fall treats in the kitchen, and creating things like puzzles or other artistic activities can fabricate just as much amusement.

“My boyfriend and I would rather stay inside when it comes to date night. In the beginning of October when it was officially scary season we decided to hang out at his house and just sit on the couch and watch a huge amount of scary movies. Then afterward we bought tickets to go to a local haunted house just for the fun of it. We had so much fun, but at the end of the day, we were both at the end of our seats,” senior Camila Flores said.

  Certain dates contain a mixture of both indoors and outdoors. For example,  stumbling through a haunted house remains a fun and popular scary date to go on during the spooky season. Nearly all of these types of dates happen after the autumnal equinox, especially in October since Halloween occurs at the end of that month. Multiple types of fall dates exist for all the different types of couples, friends, or families.