Do teachers receive enough money?


Jasmina Buranich

Dhwani Patel, a biology teacher, has taught at NC for five years. Patel loves teaching students about science and creates different teaching strategies to adhere to her students’ learning styles. Despite not receiving the pay she deserves, she never fails t only to educate, but also care for every one of her students. Patel believes teachers do not receive enough pay for the work they put in, but she simultaneously puts an immense amount of dedication into her job inside and outside of the school doors.

Jasmina Buranich, Reporter

Almost every piece of knowledge people gain stems from the education they receive in school, but educators do not receive the proper credit for it. Without teachers, doctors, lawyers, dentists and other professionals would not experience the proper education needed to fulfill their role, yet those professionals take home more than teachers. Educators deserve a salary increase for all the hard work they put into their jobs because people rely on them for academic and emotional growth. 

Since 2019, the pandemic has forced teachers everywhere to adapt to change quickly. The pandemic forced educators to learn different teaching styles that would educate virtual and face-to-face students. Several teachers did not know how to use the learning apps provided by their districts, but guided students who needed help regardless. Virtual instruction caused teachers stress due to a lack of student response during online meetings. Not to mention, most schools converted to a four-day school week, meaning teachers lost valuable instruction time, yet the administration still expected them to fulfill the state’s standards for each class.

“Teaching during the pandemic was a valuable learning experience, but it was horrible to go through. It’s very hard to teach a black box and have interactions with students to make sure they were doing what they were supposed to be doing and engage them,” AP Lang and Honors Literature teacher Cathie Lawson said.

Verbally and physically abusive households worried school administrations during quarantine and they turned to teachers for help. Administrations encouraged teachers to check on the mental health of their students and required them to take social-emotional courses for their students. Sadly, school districts overlooked teachers’ mental health during such a difficult time. Teachers learned personal problems regarding their students, and took the emotional baggage home with them daily. If teachers perform roles outside of their assigned job description, then their paycheck should match the role they take on.

“People receive pay based on what society values, and society values investment bankers, people who deal with money, people who don’t really do much  for society so they get paid the most . People who work in nursing homes get really low pay, and they should be the people who are valued, and who we want to honor by their salaries, along with teacher’s pay,” Lawson said.

Numerous people say teachers earn enough money because the benefits that teachers receive make up for inadequate pay. Although districts reward their teachers with summer breaks and several days off throughout the year, teachers usually work during breaks, and prepare for the next semester during their summer break. Regardless of the amount of breaks administrations give out, teachers go above and beyond daily to adhere to state requirements, and to their students’ well-being. 

“Teachers have impacted my life through education, and some have even offered me the opportunity of a friendship. I feel like teachers don’t get the recognition nor the pay they deserve. The government overlooks a teacher’s position because it’s such a common role in today’s society, but they need to recognize how important they are and reward them appropriately,” junior Mathias Holloway said.

Teachers need a higher salary because they offer several qualities that other professions do not. Everyday, educators go above and beyond their job’s requirements to fit the needs of their students, therefore deserving a reward for that. State governments need to work together with school districts to discuss financial options to finally pay teachers what they deserve.