NC organizations attract rising magnet students


Elijah Pacis

Accepted magnet students from public and private schools across the state attended the Magnet Spring Showcase. These bright students sampled NC’s activity offerings and learned about their future high school experience through presentations by NC representatives and a tour around the school after viewing different clubs and teams. NC aims to recruit the best of the bunch with promises of a unique experience for each and every new Warrior.

Elijah Pacis, Sports Editor

Rising freshmen entering NCs magnet program visited the Arena Friday, March 11 to view the activities available to them by NC’s teachers, club leaders and sports teams. The night began with different organizations and groups setting up tables with poster boards, signs, flyers and other decors to advertise themselves to the potential magnet students. Clubs centered around culture, books, cooking, government and other topics devoted themselves to drawing in prospective members inside the packed arena.

“We get a chance to showcase all of our wonderful career pathways, clubs and sports to new and incoming freshmen. It gives them a chance to embrace the school before they even start the year. It shows it off to them and allows us to convince them to join,” Interact club treasurer Kishan Patel said.

At 6:30, the potential magnet freshmen stepped onto the tarp-covered hardwood, finding themselves greeted with student leaders at dozens of elaborate stations. The clubs and organizations offered different suggestions and advice to the future NC students. They presented a common factor of diversifying oneself and expanding students’ high school portfolios. 

Different sports teams set aside time to sell themselves to active athletes and prospective talents. Track and field, cross country, and soccer representatives all showed off their teams’ accomplishments and the benefits of joining their respective sports. 

“We want to sell competition and that you’re gonna get better here. You’re gonna have a chance to play against some of the best teams in the state. You’re gonna get to compete, have fun, and develop as a player and human being which in the end is the goal” soccer captain Jordan Karim said.

The night continued as the eighth graders experienced a taste of high school life. Every newcomer spoke to NC students and teachers and discovered different avenues of passion offered at their future school. At 7:00, the young magnet prospects and their parents shuffled into groups to begin a tour of the rest of the school. The presenters in the arena finalized their discussions with the young students and cleaned up the venue, concluding the club showcase. The rising freshmen received firsthand experience from their upperclassmen and future teachers about life at NC. Students found organizations that fit their needs and wants, others uncovered needs and wants they did not realize until that night. 

“I feel like getting involved in a club allows you to be more social and increase your reach in the school. You can see a lot of new friends who share similar interests with you, and I just think it’s a really fun thing to do. I might go into the Writers’ Haven club because I really want to get into story writing,” eighth-grader Nolan Rockwell said.