Top three foods for a movie night


Callie Kinsinger

The perfect choice of drinks, including slushies and soda, flow perfectly with the movie-watching foods. Drink and slushie machines at movie theaters offer a variety of tastes appealing to anyone purchasing a drink. “I usually just get a drink with my popcorn because it balances out the saltiness. All the movie theaters I go to offer lots of different drinks, so I’m sure everyone will find something to their liking,” senior Claire Kinsinger said.

Callie Kinsinger, Reporter

The large variety of flavor-filled snacks seems appetizing to the majority of movie watchers. When the right snack compliments a favorite movie, it creates the perfect combination for the best movie night possible. These three flawless movie-watching snacks serve as the best possible options. Although the snacks could disappear before the movie starts, they still make a noticeable difference.

  • Popcorn

This long-loved classic snack sold at all movie theaters beats all snacks for a movie. The perfect balance between buttery and salty and the right amount of a snack makes all avid movie watchers love popcorn. The ability to personalize the seasoning and taste of the snack elevates it to the next level. 

“My favorite thing to eat when I watch movies is popcorn because it is both salty and savory. I can put as much butter on it as I want, which makes it perfectly fit to my liking. It’s always a great thing to be able to have a big bucket of it and share it with my friends,” senior Claire Kinsinger said.

Popcorn also comes with its benefits. It stands low in calories, contains high fibers and does not usually contain a lot of sugar. This gluten-free snack holds high amounts of nutrition, making it healthier than other similar snacks.

Movie theaters usually serve popcorn in a bucket, making sharing and refilling an enjoyable group snack. Chips, a snack in the same category, also prove enjoyed by many movie watchers. The endless flavors of each brand of chips cater to a variety of people so that everyone becomes satisfied when watching a movie as a group. 

  • Candy

Candy perfectly pairs with the popcorn sold at all movie theaters. Either chocolatey, sweet or sour candy satisfies any person wanting a treat. The wide selection of candy inside the glass box brings excitement upon entering a movie theater.

“I love candy, especially candy that is in little pieces because it lasts through the whole movie and just tastes so good. My favorite candy for a movie is sour patch kids because the time it takes to chew it lasts a super long time,” freshman Leika Badstibner said.

Candy fills in the calorie total when paired with popcorn. It can create the perfect balance between sweet and salty, depending on the candy. Humans crave both salt and sugar, so the balance between popcorn and candy makes one satisfied. Most candy comes in small portioned boxes, creating the right candy to popcorn ratio. 

  • Pizza

This combination of dough, sauce, cheese and limitless toppings commonly fills in for the main course on a movie night. It easily serves as a party food that looks appetizing to all. Since almost all pizza places deliver, pizza becomes a quick go-to when in need of a main small meal.

The ease of pizza pairs with a movie because movie nights stand as effortless. They serve as times to rewind, further putting more effort into making a quality meal. Comfort and relaxation become the most important qualities on the best of movie nights.

“I like having pizza when watching movies because for some reason it always tastes better with a movie on and it is so much better than just popcorn. Watching a movie while eating food makes me lose focus of my food and eat it faster,” freshman Victor Aguilar said.

When eating snacks, movies tend to become more enjoyable. Nutrients in food push forward the production of dopamine and serotonin, commonly associated with happiness. Picking the right snacks for a movie maintains a challenging task, but the ability to customize these snacks provides unlimited opportunity for satisfaction.