Blackpink releases new song: “Pink Venom”


YG Entertainment

Blackpink, a Korean girl group consisting of four members, Jennie, Jisso, Lisa and Rose, dropped their pre-released song “Pink Venom” after two long years off the charts. Blackpink gave fans a gift before they leave for their world tour around North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Divine Idiku, Reporter

Blackpink, one of the most popular girl groups in the world with multiple songs, billions of views on their music videos and millions of streams on Spotify and Apple Music, dropped the song “Pink Venom”, which might break their past record. The members consist of singers Jisoo Kim, Jennie Kim, Rose Park and Lisa Manoban. They surpassed another girl group, Little Mix, when they released their first album in 2020, selling over three million digital and physical copies. Their songs “Kill This Love”, “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and “How You Like That” garnered over one billion views on Youtube.

Two years after the release of their last song “Lovesick Girls”, BlackPink gifted their fans with their new pre-release “Pink Venom” on August 19. The group will leave on a world tour in October, and fans look forward to hearing and seeing a great deal of Blackpink music after two years.

“Pink Venom” gained 90.4 million views in a day and took the title of the largest 24 hours music video debut in 2022. The song gained 7.9 million streams on Spotify within the first day of the release and represents girls who carry a kind but deadly attitude. Blackpink promotes girl power by showing that girls can like black and pink, implying ladies do not need to follow the standards set for them. The song “Pink Venom” exudes confidence, which supports what the group promotes. 

“I really liked the video itself, I think it was pretty high quality like most of their videos are, I liked their outfits and their colors. I liked the intro, when Jennie comes in singing and when Lisa comes in,” sophomore Sophia Beine said.

“Pink Venom” combines modern hip-hop and Korean traditional instruments. BlackPink performs with a powerful choreography that represents their music concept.  Fans began posting the Pink Venom challenge on Youtube to showcase their best dance moves. The lyrics portray a powerful meaning similar to their choreography. The name of the song contradicts the meaning in the title, representing the Blackpink image. Rather than focusing on breaking records, Blackpink wanted to try a different style of music of traditional and futuristic style. Their music is usually a mix of hip-hop and R & B, but this time they decided to switch it up. They plan to drop their second full album “BornPink” on September 16.       

“They are a very versatile group, they explore a lot of areas when it comes to entertainment and music. I’m excited to see them try new things, and see what their new music has to offer,” Beine said.