Pros and Cons: online friends


Tori Altamirano

Bonding with online friends claims plenty of upsides and downsides. Various of these downsides include serious and possibly life-threatening occurrences. The importance of always staying cautious when talking to anonymous people and never giving personal information remains at a high. While various people believe online friends seem beneficial, others strongly disagree.

Tori Altamirano, Reporter

As of 2022, 4.62 billion people around the world use social media. Over half of those people make friends with strangers they met online. Though bonding online brings several positives, the importance of safety and staying cautious when doing so remains at a high.

“It’s important for people to be wary of others they talk to online because it can be a crazy or dangerous person. You should always be aware of who you’re talking to,”

sophomore Taylor Cooper said.


The most important safety hazard when it comes to online friends stands where the person online lies about their identity. Several cases of fake online friends have turned out to be scammers, sexual predators, and blackmailers have taken place. When two people communicate with each other over social media, the fear of not knowing who actually talks behind the phone should continue to stay on one’s mind. When someone only speaks over the phone, they show only what they want seen. They can pick and choose how they act and most likely never show their true personality.

“I think people should be cautious when talking to people online because when you’re giving your personal information, they can pull up to your house and you don’t really know who that person is at all. They can be a completely different person behind the screen,” sophomore Sienne Bennet said.      


For introverts, in-person conversations may cause anxiety, hence why online conversations make these people more comfortable. Their online friends might not even realize these people act more reserved in public because of how talkative and open they seem over messages. These quiet people may even make more friends than the most extroverted people they know. The danger lies within the fact that these friends come from all around the world.

“People would want to have online friends instead of in-person friends because some people might be anti-social. They would fear talking to people in person but when online, you’re not having any physical contact,” sophomore Taylor Cooper said.

Talking to people online offers a cheaper way to make friends; the cost of communicating stands as an obstacle. Also, because of free social media apps, speaking to people across the world continues to stay easy and costless.  


Online friends repeatedly form strong relationships no matter how far away. However, these do not seem easy. Miscommunication remains common. When arguments may occur, resolving them can seem difficult. Getting temporarily blocked by the friend may mean getting permanently blocked after they forget to unblock. Just like that, the entire friendship would end. This leaves multiple benefits to making new online friends. But there also, most importantly, hides several cautions that people should take when making them.