Fate: The Winx Saga season two disappointing review


Jonathan Hession/Netflix

Season one of “Fate: The Winx Saga” sold well in 2020, but season two did not receive great reviews. The casting of the actors does not meet the criteria of the fans and they added numerous new characters. They distributed the scenes unevenly, shedding light only on Bloom, the flame fairy character. They overshadowed the rest of the characters, leaving fans with multiple questions.

Divine Idiku, Reporter

Archery Pictures released the second season of “Fate: The Winx Saga” September 16, 2022; it consists of seven episodes with a runtime of 45 minutes. Netflix made it as a spin-off of “Winx Club”, a popular children’s show back in the 2000s with six fairies who fight against evil whilst balancing romance and studies. It follows a group of teenagers who attend Alfea, a magical school where they learn how to use and control their magical powers whilst facing threats. The new adaptation disappointed the fans due to making it too dark and rushing the storyline due to limited episodes.

“They made the entire aesthetic of the show darker when the thing that everybody liked about the [first] show (‘Winx Club’) was the bright aesthetic. It was too edgy, which ended up ruining the entire show,” senior Kayla Anderson said.

The show suffers from characterization problems, as the actors look too old and mature for these characters. They also introduced a new character to the show, Terra Harvey, an earth fairy played by Eliot Salt, who did not take part in the original show. They cut out the original character Tecna, the fairy of technology, and replaced her with the earth fairy Terra. They added a character called Flora played by Paulina Chavez, which invoked happiness within the fandom. The addition of new characters this season led to the overshadowing of characters. Stella and Terra did not receive a great deal of scenes with Aisha, the fairy of waves, just close behind this season. The first season’s phenomenal plot gave each character equal lines and showtimes, and showed each character’s strengths and weaknesses whilst centering it around Bloom, a fire fairy who owns the most powerful magical power to ever exist. 

“They are too old and looked like old English teachers or moms. The way they dressed up was either too mature or too old, completely different from the original iconic early 2000’s fairies in ‘Winx club’,” Anderson said.

Ultimately, “Fate: The Winx Saga” failed to tell its intended story in its short episodes. It focused mainly on Bloom but failed to give diversity in her character, which revolved around her flame dragon powers, making her plain and boring. This season’s fight scenes felt too short and did not make progress from seasons one and two. The second season did no justice to the characters, unlike in the original, showing all the character’s strengths. This season suffered from terrible prioritizing issues, instead of giving more screen time to other characters. 


The Chant Rating: C+