The problem with age-gap relationships


Rose Ordonio

Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio hold large age differences from their partners. Age gap relationships possess serious implications that need addressing before making the poor decision of committing. The influence of these relationships with celebrities can affect their millions of followers’ perceptions to strive for significantly older or younger people. The importance of emotional maturity and life goals for both parties can create problems in the relationship, especially for the younger individual.

Rose Ordonio, Reporter

Talk of Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationships recently circulated on the Internet. A popular chart published on Reddit illustrates his previous relationships showing when his partner turns 25, he ends the relationship; known as Leo’s law, which points to his refusal to date anyone older. Although DiCaprio never dates above 25, DiCaprio at 47, continues aging. This demonstrates the problem with age gap relationships in Hollywood and other publicized industries, where the relationships’ attention negatively impacts followers and the seriousness of issues becomes overlooked. These significant age differences stimulate negative and damaging impacts when ignoring the realities of the relationship’s hurtful dynamics.

Fans and followers view these relationships and become swayed to believe age differences between partners do not matter. Celebrities receiving excessive positive attention shows the normalization of age-gap relationships. Seeing this type of connection with highly viewed influencers can change viewers’ mindsets to hold a positive viewpoint of them. Celebrities in these relationships entertain millions of followers on different social media platforms where they post pictures with their significant other. Young people see age gap relationships with celebrities make them look trendy and appealing to attain without reflecting the numerous issues affecting both parties of the relationship.

There are so many couples in Hollywood with a 10-plus year age gap. There are normal ones like 35 and 45 and there are also ones that feel weirdly advantageous like Sabrina Carpenter and Dylan O’Brien, 23 and 31 which is a huge gap in maturity level. Both in my opinion led many young girls to believe that the relationships they are in with large age gaps and older men are okay because of how mainstream those types of relationships are,” junior Samara Weatherly said.

Life exposure in different generations can vary and hold different development points of maturity. This creates problems with the mental side of the relationship. With a gap of 10 years or higher, life experiences differ from one another. Retaining an emotional maturity gap can appear problematic and prevent each others from expressing emotion. Comfortably communicating feelings and thoughts stand as an important component in a relationship. The relationship may wind up with the emotionally capable partner bearing a greater emotional burden. Each person in these pairs may desire contrasting goals depending on their point in life. Differences in goals, such as plans to start a family and other priorities can create conflict in a relationship. Especially with teens and young adults starting their life with newfound freedoms, experimenting with life choices and enjoying youthful fun. 

However, over time, the marital satisfaction of different-aged couples declines more than similar-aged partners. The probability of similar-aged couples divorcing is also lower,” an associate professor of behavioral science at the London School of Economics said.

The most concerning issue arrives when adults previously know their partner before adulthood. The introduction of grooming appears when describing these scenarios. Minors possess a different level of maturity than their older counterpart, making them a victim. Groomers build up trust when creating a connection with their underaged partner. To avoid lawful trouble, groomers wait until their partner reaches adulthood to publicize their relationship. 

Several argue that newly-turned adults celebrate and explore freedoms and gain responsibility for their actions. Although legal age gap relationships create lasting effects for the younger side. The younger partner looks to hold the easier option on the older partner and feelings of insecurity show up with the lack of life experiences and insecure career in comparison. Setting upon relationships like these obtain emotional effects. Younger people do not hold the same level of maturity as older people. In a relationship, the younger partner may think they can face the older’s issues, but in reality, they do not stand psychologically ready. These mental issues affect the way they treat other relationships and carry onto how they feel about themselves.

In the end, all relationships and situations look different. People should feel content and comfortable with their partner, but should also become aware of the implications shown in age gap relations. Young people especially should understand the factors before jumping into a relationship with significant age differences.