Streaming apps delete without thinking



Multiple streaming apps like Netflix continue to replace popular shows and movies with low-quality ones, angering millions of watchers on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. Removing fan favorites not only irritates the viewer, but loses money for the streaming services when people refuse to pay the increased subscription cost.

Tori Altamirano, Reporter

Netflix removed the popular supernatural drama, “The Vampire Diaries” September 3. The show’s removal started the recent uproar among Netflix subscribers, which caught the attention of other show and movie watchers. Netflix along with other services like Hulu, Amazon Prime and Apple TV should refrain from deleting their quality content.

Multiple streaming platforms continue to pull dozens of films and TV series, claiming they do this to help with cost cutting, decluttering and eschewing kids and family content. Streaming services fail to understand that removing fan-favorites causes watchers to dislike the platform. Watchers from all apps expressed anger and sadness as their favorites no longer stream.

“I’m really starting to not like these streaming services because they are removing a lot of good shows people love as well as increasing the cost for the subscriptions. They are adding shows that are less popular. The acting and the plot in those new shows are much worse, they are all very stereotypical when trying to show representation as well.” junior Ndiya Onuoha said.

Though these services continue losing quality content, they keep raising their prices. Disney+ plans to change prices from $7.99 to $10.99, Hulu’s $12.99 to $14.99 and ESPN+ from $6.99 to $9.99. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have continued to raise their subscription prices over the years. 

Critics may argue these services should continue to replace movies and shows frequently to keep platforms fresh with new content. They also claim doing this makes the services increase the money made but that stands incorrect. This angers the watchers, encouraging them not to wish to continue their subscription.

Anxiety can arise when the service reveals  “available until” under a title, especially when these films continuously switch with another unmatched in terms of quality. The deletion of films like “Scary Movie 4”, “Sinister 2”, “Everything Must Go”, “Ghostbusters”, and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” causes hundreds of people to express their anger to friends on social media. 

“These streaming services are really getting on my nerves right now and I am considering permanently canceling my subscription to Netflix. Netflix recently deleted my favorite show and I was so upset I deleted the app from my phone. I refuse to waste any more money on services that won’t keep any of the good stuff.” sophomore Zaria Dunn said.