Making your own haunted house: the best films for Halloween spirit


Emilio Medina

After the creation of the first film in 1888, horror films became a staple in the subculture. Ever since then spooky movies developed as a tradition and a major genre watched by all. With further scary creativity than ever before, the past decades granted a rise in popularity to iconic frightening films. To celebrate Halloween October 31, 2022, these timeless classics arise from their slumber to entertain audiences once again.

Emilio Medina, Entertainment Editor

Monsters, killers, ghouls and ghosts pop up in front yards right before Halloween as people dress up as their favorite characters. Halloween spreads horror culture around the country and a portion of that culture manifests itself in numerous movies and media. This list contains multiple fun-loving films that celebrate the Halloween season and its festivities.

“I go trick or treating, binge-watch horror movies, eat candy until I’m sick and decorate my house with random crap. I love ‘Chucky’ because it is so stupid, I can not take it seriously,“ sophomore Pasha Kayhaner said.

“Monster House”

A group of teens investigates the terrifying neighbor who lives in a house that feels alive. With uncanny animation and a terrifying plot, this movie feels scarier than the average animated family film. The movie stands perfect for families looking for an eerie experience with children that can tolerate mild violence.

“Scooby Doo”

A franchise known for its spooky and goofy atmosphere and plot, the “Scooby Doo” cartoon series, hit the big screen in a live-action remake in 2002. Although its goofier tone does not fit those seeking a scary flick, its humor and chemistry with Mystery inc. certifies it as an excellent movie for those familiar with the characters.

“Evil Dead 2”

“Evil Dead 2” is a remake of “The Evil Dead” and follows Ash Williams, played by Bruce Campbell, and his girlfriend on a romantic trip in a log cabin. While a series of unfortunate events force Williams to fight for his life, he must save himself from a demonic forest he once called a vacation spot. This classic comedy horror movie birthed multiple sequels along with a TV show. The film takes the story of “The Evil Dead” and refines it along with Williams’ character development and pacing. With the best special and practical effects 1987 could offer, “Evil Dead 2” awes audiences that admire the art of film before the 21st century.

“The Conjuring” series

Based on true events, “The Conjuring” series brings the stories of Edward Warren and Loraine Warren to light. The Warrens operated as demonologists and paranormal investigators during the 20th century. Their terrifying stories gave inspiration to “The Conjuring” series and other films such as “Annabelle” and “Insidious”

These films add fuel to the burning Halloween spirit every autumn. Trick or treating, vampires, other monsters and traditions would not exist without human fascination with horror and all things Halloween. With the hope that future Halloween movies break records and new fresh ideas constantly one-up the standard, Halloween will continue living as long as society permits.

“I go trick or treating and watch scary movies. 1931 ‘Dracula’, ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’, and hit Disney channel movie ‘Halloweentown’. They’re all very different movies but they are all movies that influenced every subsequent movie in their respective genres,” sophomore Ozzy Schmidt said.