Nickelodeon superior to Disney 


Disney and Nick

Nickelodeon released shows that gained millions of views when premiered, and numerous fans along the way. The “Big Time Rush” premiere exceeded shows like “Hannah Montana” and “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. Nickelodeon’s popular show “SpongeBob SquarePants” beats Disney with its large fan base and platform.

Divine Idiku, Reporter

Numerous people’s childhood consisted of both Disney and Nickelodeon; they offered great entertainment back in the early 2000s. Nickelodeon released multiple iconic shows like, “iCarly”, “Victorious”, and “Big Time Rush”, which remain well-loved and resonate with fans today. Disney released a series of renowned shows like “Hannah Montana ” and “The Suite life of Zack and Cody”. Both share common traits like their crossover events in shows like “That So Suite life of Hannah Montana ” where Raven meets Hannah Montana, and “iParty with Victorious” where iCarly meets Victorious. However, Nickelodeon TV shows exceed Disney’s due to their great storyline and sense of humor.

“I love Avatar the last Airbender, it has a good storyline, and people love the four elements and the fact that one person can use all four elements. It mostly has a good storyline. I prefer Nickelodeon when it comes to tv shows and I liked Drake & Josh cause it’s funny and unique,” junior Dan Idiku said.

When Big Time Rush premiered back in 2010, it became the highest-rated live-action premier with 6.8 million viewers. Numerous loved the show with the good-looking cast and girls gushing over the boys: Kendall, Logan, Carls and James. The group also released multiple songs, including their hit, “Boyfriend”, selling over 10 million copies worldwide. Nickelodeon always makes sure to add great humor and never fails to keep the audience engaged.

“It’s just a good show (Big time Rush), It has different people and it’s funny, you can laugh at the show and it’s not sad at all and it has its moments. I like Kendall from the show, he’s more chill and also the intro of the show. I like iCarly because it’s what I watched the most and I also really like the crossover event between iCarly and Victorious,” junior Siya Patel said.

Disney released “Hannah Montana” with the first episode racking 5.4 million viewers, out-performing “Victorious” first episode by 1.9 million views. When it comes to movies, Disney earns great success, as “High School Musical 2brought in 17.2 million viewers, becoming Disney’s most-watched premiere of all time. People loved the handsome Troy, a jock falling in love with a shy nerd, Gabriella. Popular Disney princess movies like “Cinderella”, “Tangled”, “Mulan” and “Princess and the Frog” provide other great morals by teaching their audience life lessons to learn. 

Another popular Nickelodeon show “iCarly”, aired an episode, “iSaved Your Life”, the episode shows when Freddie saves Carly’s life; she fell in love with him, which made a precedent totaling 11.2 million viewers, the highest rated iCarly episode in existence due to fans seeing their favorite relationship falling in love. iCarly produced great legacies like Spaghetti Tacos, random dancing and the iconic Gibby still living in people’s hearts rent-free today. Another lovable Nickelodeon show “Victorious”, shows how weird her world became when she transferred to Hollywood Art High School and became friends with oddly unique people. It draws the audience into her world and provides the audience with laughter during its weird moments. With Ariana Grande playing the unforgettable Cat Valentine, Tori’s best friend, the show earned four Emmy nominations and won two Kids’ Choice awards

Disney cannot beat Nickelodeon when it comes to TV shows, as they appeal to not only kids but tweens and teens as well. It always relates to the audience and never fails to make them laugh.