The price of presents


Callie Kinsinger

Christmas presents commonly come with high prices that numerous families and friends cannot afford to spend. To prevent spending large amounts of money, people can hand-make gifts and gift heartfelt items rather than unreasonably costly presents. When spent well, money set aside for the holiday season can stretch for all the gifts one needs to buy.

Callie Kinsinger, Features Editor

Christmas acts as a joyful, yet expensive, holiday radiating positivity and cheer, bringing joy in various forms, predominantly with presents. Holiday gifts that show the Christmas spirit and caring family and friends become heartfelt, but not always affordable. With purchasing presents, numerous spend high amounts of money just to purchase a memorable gift.

Businesses know that people will spend loads of money to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, so prices rise. Several people think the feeling of giving makes the high price worth it, but positive intentions for gift-giving do not permit overspending. However, certain individuals would argue differently.

“If you’re dead set on giving somebody something, you have to be willing to pay the price. When presents are expensive, it’s just something you have to deal with. It does mean a lot getting gifts though because they put thought into it,” sophomore Abby Burgess said.

Although gifts become the main staple of the holiday season, Christmas does not completely revolve around presents. Volunteering, decorating, festivals and various Christmas-spirited events and opportunities stand as meaningful to the joyful season. Expensive and rare gifts do not prove the best options, as gifts coming from the heart hold a deeper meaning to the receiver. To make an unforgettable Christmas, one should not overspend.

Instead of spending excessive amounts of money, numerous should opt to hand-make their own gifts, offering an even greater powerful meaning. Baking, crafting and drawing stand as easily customizable gifts from the heart. This also cuts down the cost of the presents immensely and even showcases the major effort put in.

“It means a lot to me when I get Christmas gifts. It shows that someone cares about me, especially when it’s something they know I would like. Saving up money is essential for Christmas; you can also work with other people to buy one big gift for someone,” sophomore Nicolas Fusaro said.

Not all families can afford an expensive Christmas, or can only spend a certain amount on Christmas gifts. Christmas budgeting comes into play when individuals set aside a certain amount for the Christmas season, or set dollar limits on present prices. This helps manage money spent throughout the entire holiday season.

Various organizations and hospitals host fundraisers and charities during the holidays for children with critical illnesses that can not afford a luxurious Christmas. Make-A-Wish Foundation and St. Jude entail Christmas-themed fundraisers, along with their year-round plans and goals. They aim to make sick and less wealthy patients experience the best Christmas possible.