“Ginny and Georgia” season two stuns viewers


Callie Kinsinger

Season two of “Ginny and Georgia” takes first place on Netflix English TV shows, pushing the Internet’s heartthrob “Wednesday” out of the first place spot. The show follows the lives of young mom Georgia and angsty teen Ginny Miller. As Ginny uncovers the truths of her mom’s past, problems arise between her family and school life.

Callie Kinsinger, Features Editor

The teen drama “Ginny and Georgia” focuses on the hardships of a young mom with a haunting history of raising a temperamental teenager. 15-year-old Ginny Miller, played by Antonia Gentry, tends to argue with her secretive mom and feels responsible for holding her family together and standing as the mature one. The show’s second season premiered after a year’s hiatus with a devastating cliffhanger finale episode.

“I did enjoy ‘Ginny and Georgia’. It was really thrilling and you never knew what was coming next in each episode which made it better. I wanted to keep watching it because I always wanted to know what came next throughout the story,” freshman Bryanna Forbes said.

Georgia Miller, played by Brianne Howey, and her two children, Austin and Ginny, move from place to place regularly until they find comfort in the close-knit town of Wellsbury, New England. After Georgia’s late husband Kenny’s death, she wants to finally provide her family a normal life and take her trauma head-on, as opposed to her usual MO of running from her problems.

Ginny makes a group of friends with fan-favorite Maxine Miller, played by Sara Waisglass, and meets multiple love interests. Most importantly, she takes interest in town mayor Paul Randolph and reunites with an old friend working at the booming cafe Blue Farm. As the show continues, secrets become uncovered and pieces put together. Between private investigators and embezzlement, the show withholds numerous plot twists and unexpected events.

Viewers became ecstatic as the news of the release of season two came out. Season two provides information and continues the cliffhangers left off in season one. As new characters come into play, bits of the family’s history finally make sense and the truth begins to unfold. 

“Season two fit my expectations perfectly. Everything was so well written, and the actors were really good at telling their stories. It was definitely less cringey than the first season. I can’t wait to see more of Ginny and Georgia’s story and meet new people through another season,” Forbes said.

The show features numerous heavy topics teens may experience such as self-harm, depression and death. The show reflects how behind their fake masks of optimism, teens experience trauma and harsh consequences that can sometimes remain unrecognized by parents and friends.

“It’s just so interesting and it really relates to how teenagers could be feeling. There’s always a big cliffhanger at the end of each episode that makes you want to watch the next one right after,” sophomore Audrey Thomas said.

The show pulls in viewers because of the insane twists and turns and troubling characters. The show became number one on English TV shows on Netflix soon after its release. “Ginny and Georgia” fans hope a third season will release in the near future as the second season also leaves off with a cliffhanger. 


The Chant’s Grade: A-