Highly anticipated 2023 K-Dramas


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K-dramas took over the globe with their beautiful romance, thrilling revenge plots and classical comedy. 2022 drew in millions of fans with its unforgettable dramas that fans still love today. 2023 will release various second seasons and new dramas ranging from horror, action, fantasy and romance.

Divine Idiku, Reporter

Korean dramas amassed millions of fans across the globe. 2021 ended with popular shows such as the hilarious rom-com “Business Proposal”, the thrilling “All of Us Are Dead”, the cute “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and of course, the heartbreaking “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”. Audiences should brace themselves and welcome an incredible year for second seasons and new k-dramas to fall in love with.

Fans cannot wait to see their favorite dramas together again. The popular series “The Uncanny Counter” that came out in 2021, based on the webtoon named “Amazing Rumor”, will release its second season this year. Fans all over the world can see actress Song Kang in the horror-filled show “Sweet Home” based on the webtoon of the same name; the show will not only come out with a second season but also a third season. Similarly, another zombie show called “All of Us Are Dead” stood out in the top 10 across the globe on Netflix. Once the show ended, the ending left the viewers with numerous questions in their heads; hopefully, the second season will answer viewers’ questions. Lastly, “Dr. Romantic 2” will release its third season with all the actors set to return, and viewers can see their favorite couple working together once again. 

The First Responder” concluded with a cliffhanger, leaving fans with questions that they hope season two will answer, with new cases to solve as the police and fire department work together while new relationships form. Last but not least “The Tale of the nine-tailed Fox” made the audiences fall in love with the rivalry between the two brothers. The show gifted their viewer with a second season released this year, providing fans a chance to see the two brothers on screen again. Rumors of a third season surfaced online but have not yet been confirmed. Lastly, Netflix will release the second season of “Arthdral Chronicles” called “Aramun Sword: Arthdral Chronicles ‘, continuing with the journey of Ta-gon and Eun Seom as king and the battle between different tribes. 

 “I feel excited by the number of shows that are getting a second season. It’s even more exciting because that usually means that Netflix is putting in more effort to release more K-dramas overall. I’m especially excited for ‘Sweet Home’ season 2 since it means season 3 is going to be released soon and because I read the webtoon it was based on. I hope to see more of ‘monster infected’ Song Kang and Hyun Sun in the upcoming seasons of ‘Sweet Home’”, junior Maria Casco-Hidalgo said. 

New shows will also air this year; after the successful run of “Alchemy of Souls”, fans of the show shall see their favorite Hwang Min-Hyun on screen again in the upcoming show  “Useless Lies”. Fans last saw Ahn Hyo Seop on screen in “Business Proposal”, but fans should not worry because they can see him in the upcoming drama  “A Time Called You”, with the storyline centered around time travel with a sprinkle of romance. Two years ago, viewers saw Park Seo-Joon on the show “Itaewon Class” which inspired viewers to keep pursuing their goals; now people can see a strikingly different show and side of their actor in the upcoming show “Gyeongseong Creature” on Netflix. Finally, after successful runs in “Little Women” and “Squid Game”, viewers can see Wi Ha-Joon in the upcoming drama, “The Worst Evil” with Ji Chang Wook

“I’m really excited to see more of Hwang Min-Hyun, Park Seojun and such, more like the thriller type since they have this princely vibe to them, so I would like a complete turn-over to their show characters. I’m most likely going to watch ‘Sweet Home’, and ‘Uncanny Counter’ as soon as they come out, although it will take me a while to watch the rest as they’re not my priority,” Casco said.