No more girl’s basketball


Candace Ward

Society should not allow women to play basketball professionally. They do currently, and it does not interest anyone so they should stop. It only wastes the time and the money of the viewers. The players also do not earn a lot of money from the sport, at least not compared to the men.

Tori Altamirano, Reporter

Basketball exists as a popular sport of its own, popularly played by men for the past several decades. Women attempted to copy this sport, but to no avail. They successfully gained a form of popularity but do not come close to the men. 

“Basketball is a man’s sport, only men should play it. Women playing it is boring and unnatural. I don’t know who allowed women to start playing basketball but I bet whoever did regrets it now. There is a reason basketball started with men, it is meant to be that way,” Lakers player Lebron James said. 

Multiple reasons for the dislike of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) arose in recent years. For one, the WNBA entertains no one in comparison to the NBA. Nothing happens in this industry, and all the famous people within the basketball industry only consist of men for a reason. 

Several people do not see a problem with women playing the sport for fun while also saying that watching a professional game does not seem necessary. The WNBA bores people and entertains no one.

In the world of sports, everyone can find a sport to favorite. Each sport represents something special to a group of people. One of the most popular sports today, yet nobody seems to care when it comes to women’s basketball. People dislike the WNBA because of how boring it seems, not because women play on the court, but because nobody important plays women’s basketball—at least nobody who brings any attention to the sport. Several people imagine the WNBA community to mainly consist of feminists and members of the LGBT community, not people who enjoy the sport. The crowd size of a men’s basketball game drastically outshines that of a women’s basketball game. The fact that men claim basketball and will always claim it, nothing can change that. 

“Women are annoying and everything a woman does is bad, they are bad at sports because they are weak. Men need to overtake the sport because they are the best and it is the only way things will go back to how they are naturally done,” coach Cody Carden said.


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