The benefits of hearing good news


Rose Ordonio

Over the years, populations have faced traumatic events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and political tensions. Escaping worrisome information seems impossible as negative headlines replay constantly on television and become passed around through group circles. In contrast to the pessimistic view negative news has caused, the presence of positive news brings benefits and alleviates the gloomy environment. Good news improves both mental and physical health by increasing feelings of joy and hope. Positive news also encourages the desire for self-improvement and creates change.

Rose Ordonio, Reporter

Throughout the years, news of global tensions and catastrophes bombarded television screens and became the frequent subject of tableside chatter. The constant appearance of worrisome news can create a negative environment and a hopeless outlook on the world. However, in the midst of gloomy news, hearing good news can reverse pessimistic feelings and introduce benefits to mental health and promote positive emotions. 

News that showcases a positive discovery or an optimistic outcome can affect one’s overall emotions. Knowledge of good news can spike feelings of joy and happiness but hope as well. With the disastrous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic hitting populations, good news displays the importance of bringing sources of hope during times of loneliness. Even after encountering negativity throughout the day, positive news reminds people that the existence of good news and positivity remains in the world. A reduction of stress and anxiety can result from welcoming good news. Listening to stories that create a sense of relief and feature uplifting reports can help to put forward a cheerful outlook on life or can provide an idea to look forward to as people face challenges.  

I believe hearing good news induces people’s endorphins and serotonin levels increasing one’s mood stabilization and making the feel-good feeling increase leading to higher levels of happiness upon hearing good news, especially by friends or peers we look up to,” junior Lynn Nguyen said.

In addition to the mental health benefits hearing good news brings positive news that can leave improvements in people’s physical health as well. Studies conducted by Harvard University revealed that the regular intake of positive news improves the heart’s health. People feel inclined to lead a healthier lifestyle when presented with news that provides balanced psychological well-being. Possessing stable mental health also can decrease insomnia and muscle tension.  

Consumption of good news can encourage individuals to stay in touch with incoming information. Studies show that people continue to read stories for a longer period of time when the stories provide positive solutions within their reports. Bringing up solutions to global issues can spark a fire, encouraging people to want to make a difference. Learning about various options to assist problems can promote individuals’ imaginative and creative solutions as well, creating a chain effect of pushing for change.

Although knowledge of all types of news, good or bad, contributes to a person’s education of the world, creating a balance becomes a necessity to better oneself in all  areas. The presence of positive news brings health benefits and improves the outlook on how to view the world. Good news may appear forgotten as negative headlines dominate the media, but it also remains as important as ever with its positive impacts. 

“Receiving good news brings someone hope. Their mental health could be better in a way. Sometimes, news can make a person feel happy for a whole day. Hearing good news benefits a person mentally and overall well-being,” junior Melissa Mayorga said.