The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Make up the outfit

Ramita Das
Every October 31, the globe celebrates Halloween, which encourages enthusiasts to wear costumes without fear of judgment. The costumes can range from traditional vampire costumes to outfits inspired by popular TV series, films or even matching duo costumes. Several noteworthy new costumes, in addition to the conventional ones, deserve special attention.

As the spooky season concludes and the echoes of children’s laughter from their Halloween adventures still fill the air, the quest for an eye-catching costume to impress the neighbors during trick-or-treating ends beautifully. With creativity as their guide, people of all ages embraced the opportunity to transform into their favorite characters or spooky entities, igniting the Halloween spirit.

“This Halloween I was Clawdeen from Monster High. I recommend easy, simple costumes like the two guys from the movie “Good Burger” because all you would really need is an apron and the slogan of what they say. The top makeup influencers that will go well with these costumes are people that have big bright and bold makeup like drag queens,” sophomore Aniyah Burns said.

While costumes like Harley Quinn and the notorious Angel and Devil fall into the overused category, Halloween enthusiasts should embrace the chance to explore and discuss the latest costume trends that emerged this year. These fresh, innovative ideas not only add excitement to the holiday but also help preserve the true spirit of Halloween.

  1.  “Skater Barbie

Accompanying the release of “Barbie” emerged several new, eye-catching outfits. The 2023 film broke box office records, featuring Margot Robbie in numerous wardrobe changes. One particular Barbie outfit stood out: Skater Barbie, characterized by her neon colors, hooped earrings and a touch of the popular 1980s style, complete with a fanny pack. Those who selected the skater Barbie costume for Halloween undoubtedly stood out from the crowd.

Applying Skater Barbie makeup can provide a fun and vibrant appearance, featuring bright and dramatic pink color combinations that draw attention to the eyes and lips. Mermaid Barbie, Bold Barbie, Neon Barbie and Punk Barbie showcase several ways to pull off a glamorous makeup look for Halloween. Margot Robbie’s appearance appeals to cosmetics minimalists who look for modest glitter and soft pink hues for their Barbie costumes if they want to keep things simple. To achieve the Barbie look, use cosmetic palettes such as the Violet Voss Eyeshadow Palette, which consists of different shades of pink.

  1. “Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour”

Beyoncé, the Queen Bee, took to Instagram to reveal her global tour with a simple visual and the words “RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR 2023.” Although details about the tour remained concealed, fans felt thrilled with the possible songs and outfits Beyonce’ would debut. The anticipation paid off as Beyoncé graced the stage with nine dramatic outfit changes, leaving her fans in awe of the glitter, glitz and creatively designed garments she showcased.

The holographic David Komo costume stood out as an intriguing outfit that differentiated itself from the rest. Beyoncé complemented this look with thigh-high boots. For anyone who wishes to replicate this look, Amazon offers a variety of holographic dresses that shoppers can choose from. To complete the outfit, shoes like Beyoncé’s holographic combat boots from Amazon paired with exciting accessories will match perfectly with the costume. Holographic sun visors lend the clothing a futuristic style, while a fanny pack with the same print provides it a convenient, retro look.

The Renaissance’s distinct disco vibes provide numerous make-up inspirations. Since the world tour represents freedom of expression, bold eyeliner runs wild. Liquid eyeliner offers the perfect option to recreate an ultra-cool abstract design such as Covergirl’s waterproof liquid eyeliner. A variety of Beyoncé’s performance ensembles involve the use of eye-catching metallic fabrics. For a striking sparkly cat-eye, fans can use the Naked Metal Mania Metallic Eyeshadow palette and NYX silver eyeliner. For the bumblebee-inspired looks, fans can fill in their eyelids with the Ulta Beauty gold chrome foil eyeshadow. To finish off the look, add a neutral lip gloss.

  1. “Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour”

When twelve-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift announced she planned to launch her Era’s Tour, the name suggested she drew inspiration from her several musical phases or, as she calls it, eras that she has experienced. These musical phases meant new, unique Halloween costume opportunities. Swift made an appearance during her March 31 concert at Arlington, Texas wearing her first look, sporting a black bowler hat and a t-shirt bearing the lyrics “We are never getting back together” from her song “ We are never getting back together”.Those who sported this costume created their own t-shirt with a slogan of their choice or even the same as Taylor; fans replicated this appearance by purchasing letters from Dollar Tree or a nearby Walmart. One may have also purchased shiny black shorts and a red microphone to complete the Taylor Swift red set costume. To match Taylor’s look, wear a simple cat eyeliner and finish the makeup off with her iconic red lipstick that would exactly replicate her era tour.

Everyone can head out and enjoy trick-or-treating wearing never-before-seen outfits thanks to a wide range of fresh and creative Halloween costumes and makeup styles based on new movies and musical tours that occurred this year.

“Halloween is one of those few occasions when I can truly dress up and pose as any character or person I want. Not only that, doing make-up would be my favorite part. I’ve done various makeup styles and costumes in the past. I recommend a mix of the Joker and Harley Quinn for makeup since it is highly popular. I’ve also done Sleeping Beauty and I got my inspiration from makeup artists like Patrick Starr,” junior Brianna Smith said.

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