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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Books of the month: March edition

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Literary enthusiasts spring into a new month looking for books full of thrill, adventure and emotion. Book of the Month (BOTM), an online platform, offers readers a chance to hand-pick intriguing books with the promise of a fun journey. Whether looking for an escape to a fantasy land or a heart-palpitating thriller, check out March’s selection of books on BOTM.

March’s arrival signals not only the promise of blooming flowers and warmer days but also the excitement of new literary adventures. For dedicated book enthusiasts, each month remains a thrilling reminder of fresh worlds, characters and narratives that await exploration. This March, the curated selection of Books of the Month (BOTM) spans the spectrum from heart-pounding thrillers to enchanting fantasies, showcasing the brilliance of highlighted authors who craft stories to captivate imaginations around the world. 

BOTM serves as a literary hub for avid readers searching for captivating and affordable books. Subscribers can handpick five to seven books monthly from standout authors, each at remarkably affordable prices ranging from $12.50$17.99. This platform provides early access to new releases and also ensures a selection of high-quality books for readers. BOTM’s convenient delivery system brings books right to the reader’s doorsteps, eliminating the need to scour bookstores in the search for exemplary reads. 

“Kill for Me, Kill for You” by Steve Cavanagh

In “Kill for Me, Kill for You” by Steve Cavanagh, the streets of New York City’s Upper West Side set the stage for a chilling encounter between two strangers, Amanda and Wendy. Their meeting reveals a shared narrative of loneliness and a burning desire for revenge against those who tore apart their families. The dark twist unfolds as they craft a sinister pact over drinks: “If you kill for me, I’ll kill for you.” 

“‘Kill for Me, Kill for You’, is one of the most intricately plotted psychological thrillers I’ve read in a while. At times it will seem impossible to figure out where this story is leading you, but with a masterful hand, Cavanagh brings it all together in the end for a truly shocking twist. I promise you won’t see this one coming,” BOTM Editorial Team member Rachael Burlette said.

“A Fate Inked in Blood” by Danielle L. Jensen 

Readers dive into the captivating tale of Freya, caught in an unwanted marriage yet fueled by dreams of warriorhood and payback. When her husband’s betrayal thrusts her into a deadly duel with the Jarl’s son, Bjorn, Freya unveils a powerful secret—she possesses a drop of a goddess’s blood, granting her magical shield maiden abilities. Bound by a blood oath, she trains under Bjorn’s protection, confronting perilous trials set by the gods. However, she struggles with resisting her forbidden attraction to Bjorn, jeopardizing not only her destiny but also the fate of the people she vowed to protect.

“Anita de Monte Laughs Last” by Xochitl Gonzalez

“Anita de Monte Laughs Last” by Xochitl Gonzalez reveals a narrative set in the art world’s glamor and the forgotten legacy of Anita de Monte. Initially a rising star in the late ’80s, Anita’s tragic death in New York City becomes a fleeting spectacle. Fast forward to 1998, and Anita’s name has faded into obscurity, only to resurface in the life of Raquel, a third-year art history student navigating the privileged halls of College Hill. Amidst the pressures faced by students of color, Raquel’s unexpected romance with a well-connected older art student propels her into social spheres previously out of reach. The novel travels through time as Raquel investigates Anita’s forgotten story,  and provides an exploration of love and art.

“Annie Bot” by Sierra Greer

Fulfilling the emotional and physical needs of her human owner Doug, Annie Bot, an artificial intelligence, strives to craft the perfect relationship. Every night, she readies dinner, wears outfits chosen by Doug and tunes herself to match his moods. Progressing beyond her initial programming, Annie actively explores human traits to enrich her authenticity. Yet, this quest toward humanity introduces a paradox: her increased human qualities lessen her perfection. Within Annie’s relationship with Doug, she begins questioning whether his desires align with reality. 

“Listen for the Lie” by Amy Tintera

Lucy’s life takes a dark twist when someone finds her, soaked in her best friend Savvy’s blood. Formerly the darlings of their Texas town, Lucy and Savvy epitomized beauty, intellect and desirability. Lucy crafted a dream life in Los Angeles after an unforgettable night, yet the true-crime podcast “Listen for the Lie” and its charismatic host Ben Owens decide to probe Savvy’s murder for their second season. Lucy, compelled to return to the town she swore never to revisit, struggles with the unsettling notion that she might bear responsibility for her friend’s death.

“Here After” by Amy Lin 

Amy Lin’s memoir tells an unexpected love story with Kurtis, a talented architect. A moment disrupts their plans on a sweltering August morning, before their move to Vancouver. Kurtis’ participation in a half-marathon with Amy’s family marks the unexpected end of their shared life. Ten days later, Amy confronts a disorienting medical crisis in the hospital, navigating critical decisions about her own treatment. The memoir explains life with Kurtis and Amy’s continuous struggle to control herself amid societal norms about grief.

“‘Here After’ is gorgeously written in poetic vignettes. It is so emotionally raw you will be tempted to look away, but Lin’s utter lack of self-pity will keep you grounded, on the page, in the moment. This is one of the most affecting books I have ever read,” BOTM Editorial Team member Fiora Elbers-Tibbitts said.

Whether opting to immerse themselves in the curated selections highlighted by BOTM or not, NC students can explore a wealth of engaging reads. The school library and the North Cobb Regional Library provide a diverse range of books to captivate readers during the start of the spring season. Try new genres of books and meet new characters all season long.

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