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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Spring into 2024 fashion trends

Callie Kinsinger
As the cold weather fades out and spring break approaches, fashion trends adjust according to outside temperatures and an item’s popularity in the media. Whether an added texture, cutout top or a new accessory emerges, each new detailed fad shapes the trends of the season. The Chant showcases these items to help readers stay up to date on the latest rage.

Following a chilly winter with sporadic, warm periods of weather and endless weeks of rain, Georgia finally transfers to a blooming spring. In time with the seasonal change, clothing trends alter based on new fads throughout the internet and temperature changes. To stay on top of fashion trends, The Chant has acquired a list of popular looks to hop on to before the cycle disappears into new interests.

“I think trends changing is inevitable because peoples’ fashion sense is always evolving and it’s natural to constantly want to keep things new. It’s definitely evident when there’s a new trend because people tend to naturally follow it and stay up to date. On the downside though, I think it makes people go out and buy more clothes to keep up with trends, when personally I think that’s unnecessary, just find what you like in your closet and wear it,” magnet junior Leika Badstibner said.

As cool mornings transition into warm afternoons, the cap sleeve offers a twist to a basic shirt sleeve. Stopping just on the round of one’s shoulder, the cap sleeve elevates any outfit by simply projecting a different shape onto the shoulder. In addition to the cap sleeve, the straight neckline tends to compliment the altered shape. This allows a cut-out shape to the basic top. Sitting between a tank top and a basic tee, these shirts offer breathability and typically accompany an open back, perfect for the spring and summer. Whether used as the focal point or a miniature element of an outfit, the cap sleeve elevates the shape of a basic shirt.

The spring also has welcomed sheer, ruffle skirts and dresses in place of the typical floral patterns. Introducing a faint feminine touch and frequently in pastel colors, the twist on a mainstream spring blouse or skirt adds an extra touch to the incoming season. These dresses and skirts typically reach midi length and will include a solid base layer and overlay of the sheer fabric, with or without a pattern, including ruffles as applied. Perfect for a semi-formal event or a picnic with friends, these pieces become essential to the spring 2024 closet.

Low-waisted and now drop-waist styles accentuate the basic silhouette, unlocking an entirety of new shapes to attires. After the explosion in the popularity of corset-style tops, numerous people still enjoy the form-fitting structure, leading to the introduction of the drop waist. This style remains extremely versatile in the way that the shape of the waist can form to a point or a straight across waistband, adding an exciting flair to any top or dress. Becoming statement items, these drop-waist pieces allow for a quick yet stylish item on the racks this spring.

This beachy, chic style stretches across shirts, dresses, skirts and even bags, adding a textured layer to spice up any outfit. Similar to a crochet style, these layering pieces surface not an outfit in itself, but an accessory to already curated attires. These exposed, openwork styles can serve as cover-ups to swimsuits for spring break adventures, or overlays to patterned and colorful skirts and tops.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of these air-con materials and I just think they’re so cute for the spring. I go to the beach a lot for volleyball tournaments and I see a lot of people with these knit cover-ups on their cute bikinis and it always makes me want one for myself. I also love seeing on social media how people layer the holes of the clothing on top of outfits for texture and interesting combinations,” junior Olivia Boyle said.

As social media expands, different styles reach various groups of people. Recently, the coquette bow overtook the fashion agenda by storm. Introducing a girly hair accessory, earring shape or graphic on a t-shirt, the classic hair bow transformed into the golden trend of winter and spring 2024. Matching the color of a bow to simple outfits creates a dainty and feminine look to any outfit, perfect for the soft spring color palette and weather. The trend continues to make its way to items outside of the fashion world including nails, home decor, prints and other goods. 

“I absolutely love the trend of bows and I hope it never dies out because it’s so timeless and they can go with so many outfits. There are so many different ways you can use them in your hair and on clothes, as classy or casual, and in so many colors and styles,” Badstibner said.


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