Graduation goin’ up on a Tuesday (night)


Arsheen Kour, Reporter

Upon entering high school, students envision the glorious day when their graduation occurs. We imagine our parents wiping away joyous tears and obnoxiously yelling out our names. We expect sunny weather for decent photos and anticipate a graduation party afterwards. But this year, North Cobb seniors experienced shocking news. Instead of graduating on a sunny afternoon, we graduate on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 7:30 PM. Clearly, our future graduation derails from our High School Musical ideals.

“I absolutely despise our graduation date. It should have been during the day, if not the weekend. Everybody wants the perfect graduation and the majority of the seniors hate the idea of graduating on a Tuesday night,” senior Travis Onyima said.

Graduating from high school ranks among an individual’s greatest accomplishments. While suffering each morning, slumping over our desks, and experiencing meltdown after meltdown, we channel “happy thoughts” by visualizing our graduation day.

But our expectations and realities concerning graduation do not compare. We have witnessed several graduation photos posted to Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites, waiting to capture our own moments. Warriors, however, will probably recreate their photos with a flashlight.

A ceremony that begins at 7:30 PM will end late, so by the time students receive their diplomas, daylight photographs become impossible; however, according to graduation coordinator and physics teacher Ms. Goodwin, North Cobb has held a night ceremony before: “We’ve had a ceremony in the evening before, but never on a school day,” says Goodwin.

Another downfall includes the date itself. As a work day and school night, Tuesday proves inconvenient for the seniors’ family members and friends. The date may conflict with parents’ work schedules, as some parents do not leave work until 7 PM. Most underclassmen cannot attend this year’s graduation due to finals, which defeats the purpose of celebrating an accomplishment.

“I think it’s incredibly stupid that seniors graduate on the day before we have finals. I wanted to attend graduation and see my friends get their diplomas but I can’t since I want to get a good nights rest before my finals. It’s just not fair,” junior Rebekah Roepke said.

Graduation day’s schedule includes waking up, getting dressed for graduation, graduating, coming home, and sleeping. The inconvenient time and date eliminates the glory of graduation, placing a damper on students who awaited this day since August 2011.

Despite the numerous students petitioning for a different graduation date, it seems unlikely as North Cobb contains no say in the matter.

“The district appoints graduation dates according to KSU’s schedule,” Goodwin said. And since KSU’s gym remains a high demand space, changing the venue would create a greater inconvenience. “KSU’s gym allows for more seating, unlike our previous venue at a church,” Goodwin said.

One thing remains certain. Even if we do not experience the High School Musical graduation we envisioned in middle school, “we’re all in this together.” Some students choose to remain positive regarding the matter.

“I think the date is fine, and I really have no say on the time, except that it might be a little awkward. I’m just glad to graduate,” senior Jazmin McCarden says.