Logan Farm Park hosts Halloween Jamboree

Melissa Sagaseta, Photographer

image1Melissa Sagaseta
Children’s laughter radiated from the fields of Logan Farm Park, while little goblins and princesses, including a ferocious T-Rex, ran around with candy in their small hands. The Halloween Jamboree on October 24 in Acworth consisted of pumpkin carving, face painting, a petting zoo, and carnival game madness. Here, two boys attempt to reenact a scene from Star Wars.




image2Melissa Sagaseta
Standing on a hill, one can see all the events unfolding at once. Food cooking stand on one side and a long row of games for kids on the other. Kids and their parents sat waiting for the Hayride which took them through a haunted trail . For a small child, seeing all of these activities at the same time gave them a sense of overwhelming joy and excitement.




image3Melissa Sagaseta
The petting zoo showcased the choices of the hands-on activities. It contained a multitude of goats, a baby pig, and even a baby horse. While people could not feed the animals, kids could pet and brush them, an activity they took full advantage of. The donkey proved the most popular pet here. Overall, the small petting zoo placed second as the most popular attraction at the event.



image4Melissa Sagaseta
The most popular attraction proved the games which captured the entire idea of Halloween. It presents the creativity of putting together a costume and simply having fun. The numerous amount of games all consisted of candy and fun.





image5Melissa Sagaseta
Another exciting event being held at the Jamboree stood the pumpkin carving contest. Contestants brought in their already carved pumpkins and entered them into the competition. While all the other activities were occurring, judges gave or deduct points based on creativity and the overall carving of the pumpkin. An hour before the event finished, they called up the winning nominees and gave out prizes.


image7Melissa Sagaseta
Once the Halloween Jamboree ended, the car show lasted until 11:00 p.m. This event brought crowds of all ages, but one saw more adults there than at the Jamboree. Here an array of cars lined up on Main Street, ranging from older, classic cars to 2015 models. Apart from all the cars and trucks, one saw a few motorcycles for bike fanatics that also ranged from older to newer versions. The owners of the cars attended as well, as many people stopped and asked questions about the models. The owners also gave their own stories of the experiences they experienced with the car.

image9Melissa Sagaseta
As it neared 11:00, the engines of the cars roared and could be heard further than just Main Street. It turned more into a car parade than anything else. As the cars began to leave, people started to line up along the sides and waved at them as they passed. Other drivers made a big show and stepped on the accelerator to make the most noise possible. The owners worked hard into making these cars appeal to the public and to show the best features of what the car can offer.


image10Melissa Sagaseta
Many stores and restaurants in town opened later than usual just for the event, namely local coffee shop
The Oak Barrel. Inside, a blast of acoustic music and the smell of coffee made the customers feel invited.