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Melissa Sagaseta, Features editor, Photographer

Melissa Sagaseta, a senior at North Cobb High, joined The Chant in her junior year and serves as a reporter and photographer. She was born in Uruguay and moved to the United States with her mom, dad and older brother in 2004. The first two years proved difficult as she struggled with learning a new language while attending a new school however the change did not affect her outgoing personality and quickly made friends.

When asked to describe Melissa, Kimberly Rios, a close friend and classmate said, “Melissa is a funny, kind, friendly and hardworking person who can brighten anyone's day by simply being apart of it”

Sagaseta joined The Chant with the intention of bettering her photography skills and meeting new people. As a result she met Autumn Boekeloo and Philip Wynne, both reporters for The Chant, and the trio have been inseparable ever since. Despite her friendly and outgoing personality, Melissa would still prefer to spend her weekends at home watching the Food Channel.

Three years ago, healthy eating became a major part of Melissa’s life as she became dedicated to eating organically and started to attend Hot Yoga. Her love of photography also plays a significant role in her life as she aspires to continue her work as a photojournalist when she graduates, “I like to photograph nature and hope to work for a magazine like The National Geographic someday” Sagaseta said.

Melissa will be the first of her immediate family to attend college and with the unwavering support from her family, plans on going to an instate four year college. As she completes her last year of high school, Melissa’s dedication for The Chant continues and looks forward to producing more quality content for the website.

Profile written by Graciela Soldatenko

All content by Melissa Sagaseta
Hanging right outside the counseling office, a handwritten poster illustrates the admiration for the counselors of NC. Each heart contains a name of a counselor, and fulfilled its’ purpose for National Counselor Week.

[PHOTO] All heart

March 10, 2017
A senior views information detailing the Hope scholarship.

Has Georgia lost Hope?

January 31, 2017
Food companies now urge Americans to change their way of eating.

GMO’s? Or GM-No’s?

December 2, 2016
Ms. Aughey’s Forensic Science classes are examining decomposition in a unique way, through chickens. Students were to hang or bury their raw chickens and check in every two days to see the natural changes occurring.

[PHOTO] Chicken hang

April 20, 2016
NC is participating in the Gimme 5 for Education campaign and urges students and parents to donate $5. The money collected goes to the Cobb County Foundation and to our school! All students who participate will have a chance to win two tickets AMC Movie tickets. Give a high five to education!

[PHOTO] Gimme 5!

February 10, 2016
The Turtle Excluder Device, or TED, is a specialized device that allows captured sea turtles escape nets thrown by fishermen. In the science hall, one can see just how important this device is to saving the endangered sea turtle population and how students can use TED used to take action.


January 27, 2016
With MLK’s birthday coming up, Ms.Guidry’s special Ed class made posters representing the importance of the notorious civil rights leader. The posters include events that led to desegregation and famous quotes from MLK. Make sure to catch a glimpse of them in the 300 hall.

[PHOTO] MLK display

January 13, 2016
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Melissa Sagaseta