The new “new” gym on the block


Melissa Sagaseta

With the construction of the new new gym, people slowly start to forget about the original old gym.

Melissa Sagaseta , Features editor

The desolate and tumbleweed stricken athletic building lies in the midst of a new construction zone. The Old Gym, left to ponder it’s own existence, lays in the shadow of The New New Gym, a grander and superior installment.

“Everything was fine. Kids loved me. They were excited to enjoy playing sports, but then things changed. Now they’re excited for the new gym on the block, not me. The New New Gym will be the end of me,” The Old Gym said.

With only a few months left before The New New Gym’s grand opening, The Old Gym reminisces in the good old days when children enjoyed sitting on its century old, blistering wooden bleachers, along with the musty stench of a mid-morning workout.

“The Old Gym is umm.. great I guess. It practically has a pantry under the bleachers filled with leftover snacks, which is a plus. To be honest I’m psyched for The New New Gym, but don’t tell The Old Gym that,” sophomore James McDoughy said.  

Coming from a family of athletic greatness, The Old Gym holds an immense amount of history in its walls. From winning the 1965 basketball State Championship, to hosting a multitude of pep rallies, the Old Gym saw it all.

“I remember it like it was just yesterday. All the games that were played and won, the cheering from the mass, it was great. But now, I’m empty inside” the Old Gym said.

The Deal building overheard the troubling news of the events occurring and stepped in to help. The Deal building holds immense wisdom from years of overseeing the Math classes.  

“When life gives you sweaty workout clothes, you work with it. You clean up the stench and you put it back on to trudge through a new day. I love that gym. He’s like a son I never had,” the Deal building said.

The Old Gym now lives its days to the fullest, knowing one day students will eventually stop running the pacer, shooting hoops, and throwing trash behind the bleachers. While the students will leave, the residual screaming of the fans will remain in the walls.

“I’m proud of what I could do for the students of NC. I hope they have fun over at the New New Gym. Maybe they can come back and visit their ol’ pal,” the Old Gym said.

April Fool’s, you fool!

XOXO, The Chant