Curve the other way: Fashion Nova disappoints


Tara Anastasoff

Fashion Nova, a california-born brand, reaches its audience through celebrity sponsors on Instagram.

Melissa Sagaseta, Features editor

 Famous for extenuating women’s natural curves, California-born brand Fashion Nova dares to define the fashion industry. With an array of revealing tops and jeans proclaimed to fit any woman’s body type, Fashion Nova sets an example for competing online clothes companies to follow.

The popularity of the brand launched when Kylie Jenner posted an Instagram post, wearing the “classic high-waisted” Fashion Nova jeans. Social media celebrities, including Cardi B, Baddie Winkle, Amber Rose, and Blac Chyna, followed in Jenner’s footsteps.

The continuous advertisements while scrolling through Instagram eventually led me to purchase a pair of their notorious high waisted jeans and two tops to further understand the craze of the brand. The amount came to $59.89, far less than purchasing two pairs of jeans from American Eagle, where I typically shop.

The first complication occurred when deciding on the size of the clothing itself. The sizing system for Fashion Nova’s jeans goes by a three-five-seven scale instead of a two-four-six scale like American Eagle or Abercrombie. While Fashion Nova’s website includes a sizing system chart to follow, Youtube video reviews of the sizing told me otherwise.

At checkout I selected two-day shipping for an additional $6 charge. Arriving on March 6 (ordered on March 3), the package came in a standard USPS Priority mailing box. Each article of clothing came individually wrapped in a thin plastic, making it easily accessible to open.

Although the packages appeared effortless to open, a disconcerting feeling filled my conscious when one of the packages arrived torn open. Luckily for me, the blouse did not receive any damage during the shipping process.

At first glance, the jeans felt exactly like jeggings, and reminded me of the stretchy fabric of Papaya pants. The Fashion Nova jeans slid on easily, thanks to the super stretch fabric, but still hugged onto the legs nicely. Despite the skin-tight appearance, the jeans feel comfortable and breathable. The only problem occurs when sitting down: the high waisted jeans dig into the stomach and cause a slight discomfort.

Tara Anastasoff
Classic High Waisted Jeans- Size 7

The “Fun and Flirty” blouse ended up as a monumental disappointment. Usually a small or medium, I ordered the top in a medium, just in case a smaller size would not fit. The top barely made it past my shoulders, and instead of building my confidence, the blouse revealed my insecurities.

Melissa Sagaseta
Fun and Flirty Top- Mocha- Medium

The second top, the “Halina Sweater,” came in S/M and fit my body exceptionally well compared to the first shirt. The only complication arose when more than half of my abdomen and back showed. Even with the super high waisted jeans, the sweater ended up just a bit too short.

Melissa Sagaseta
Halina Sweater- Ivory- Small/Medium

Although the tops ended up not working out, the jeans came ready to impress. Made with a lightweight material, the high waisted jeans give the wearer an hourglass shape along with a boost of confidence.

The Chant’s Grade: B-