Fun in the sun: Summer outings on a budget

Melissa Sagaseta

Many Summer sights are located in GA for young adults to enjoy. Visit for an overview of places to go.

Melissa Sagaseta, Reporter, photographer

For young adults, summer outings represent potentially exciting, yet costly expense. A time to experience the joys of trying new things can turn into a monotonous cycle of heading to the same destinations. Luckily, the power of a guide can turn any dull summer outing into a memorable and inexpensive one.


These consist of a few locations one can visit during summer vacation.
Melissa Sagaseta
These consist of a few locations one can visit during summer vacation.
  1. Festivals

Festivals stands as a great alternative to heading to the mall or going to the movies. They bring people from all over the state to enjoy a unique and entertaining experience. Along with other cities, Atlanta serves as a hotspot for festivities during the summer.

With an average amount of ten festivals during the two months of summer vacation, Atlanta provides a vast range of options, from showcasing sumptuous food to enjoying live music. Visit for an overview of events in your area.

Price: Most festivals offer free entrance, although food and other items come at an additional cost.


  1. Downtown Fun

Historical towns offer a vast variety of shops and events that can make for a great night out with friends. Ranging in attractions from antique stores to museums, these towns provide visitors with a unique experience one can not find in the city.

Local restaurants intertwine with modern flare, while nature lovers enjoy the local parks. Learn of your town’s history while enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

Price: Carry $20 for food or shopping.


  1. The Atlanta StreetCar

Touring through the streets of the city, The Atlanta Streetcar offers visitors an affordable way to view Downtown. The streetcar visits many locations, including the historic Martin Luther King District and Park Place outdoor shopping center.

The City of Atlanta, along with Marta and The Atlanta Downtown Improvement, collaborated to connect the metropolitan area to the vast regions of Georgia via the StreetCar. Visit  for times and fares.

Price: $3 for one day pass.  


  1. Camping

While the most expensive of all, camping can become one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime. Making  s’mores, adventuring the vast trails, and watching the stars account for a few activities you can experience.

Saving up money and getting help from friends can ensure a remarkable time.

Price: $25-$30 per night along with camping equipment and food.


Atlanta offers a variety of activities for teenagers to participate in during the summer months. Instead of heading to Starbucks, try something new and you will surely enjoy the experience.