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Philip Wynne, Reporter

Philip Wynne serves as a reporter for the Chant and is a senior. He was adopted from Guatemala as a baby and before living in Georgia, he  lived in New York until he was two.

Wynne enjoys turning the spotlight on others,  believing everyone has a story to share and is significant. When asked about Wynne,  Junior student Jacob Watkins said, “Philip is a hard working, yet outgoing person. He is a lot of fun to be around and is dedicated to success”. He decided to join journalism when his freshman Literature teacher, Ms. Patterson, told him he writes really well. Unfortunately, he could not join until junior year due to scheduling conflicts. Wynne joined the Chant because he wished to have his work published and over the past year, he can see improvement in his writing. He formed a strong friendship between the staff, especially Autumn and Melissa; he describes their friendship as “the three musketeers”, although other staff members may see them as “the Three Stooges.” Their friendship mainly includes humor and passion in their writings.

When he’s not writing or editing, he participates in national BMX competitions; he dream job is to become a professional competitor. He calls BMX racing his passion and dedicates all his spare time to the sport. Wynne works out two to three times a week in order to stay in shape for racing and practices at the track twice a week. He is also a member of North Cobb’s symphonic band. He is a percussionist and plays the marimba and snare drum. For the past year, he has worked at Taco Bell as a cook and cashier and enjoys interacting with customers and making them happy.

Although he is unsure what he will major in, Wynne is considering international law, journalism, and forensic science at Suny Maritime in New York or universities in California and Tennessee.  

Profile written by Rebecca Cantrell

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Senior Collin Cook, and Juniors Autumn Boekeloo, Giovanni Merendino and 
Mahmoud Sarris partook in Mr. Dempsey’s “Wrap Battle” during C lunch. Students had to wrap presents and were judged on speed and neatness. Merendino came out victorious with Boekeloo coming in second and Sarris third. Cook ended up coming in 4th place, which was also last. Students then got to keep the items that were in the boxes they wrapped. These items varied from candy to coal.

[PHOTO] Wrap battle

December 14, 2015
As the EOC’s occur, students continue to figure out how the tests will affect their lunch times. Many students are not pleased with the time changes as it is not what they’ve been accustomed to. Junior Caroline Long said, “It just feels weird eating at a different time, it was bad enough changing during the break, but now it’s worse as I’m trying to get used to eating early again.”

[PHOTO] Adjusted schedule

November 30, 2015
Although most students typically enjoy reading on their phone, some still like the feeling of a book in their hands. Thankfully, the media center still offers a variety books to check out.

[PHOTO] Bookworms unite

November 9, 2015
Although it is an odd site to see, the Gazebo by the 600s hall is abandoned during lunch hours. Usually, students use this site to enjoy their meal. However, the rainy weather has put a damper on the scenery. The Gazebo may be able to provide its shade Thursday as weather is expected to be mostly sunny.

[PHOTO] Rain check

October 26, 2015
NC Homecoming Princess’ practice the walk for their special moment under the stadium lights on the football field.

[PHOTO] Homecoming prep

September 30, 2015
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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Philip Wynne