Rice diet helps increase weight loss


Autumn Boekeloo

Fruits like green apples and blueberries contain low sugar and play the role as a snack in The Rice Diet. Food with an abundance of salt and added sugar however, are avoided in this diet.

The concept of dieting dates back to the 1300s, a time when prisoners of war happened to prevail as the only ones on a “bread and water” diet. Through the years, the art of consuming less and eating healthier became a popular practice and holds forefront in today’s society.

Planning what to eat in the day makes sure you stay on track and “slips” in the diet become less occurring.
Melissa Sagaseta
Planning what to eat in the day makes sure you stay on track and “slips” in the diet become less occurring.

Claims that diets do not hold any clear results or simply do not work may surprise the empowering nature of The Rice Diet. Driven by a low-sodium and good-carb eating habit, it states a person loses around twenty pounds in a month.

As an undertaker in all things healthy, I invested in finding out and trying the diet myself.  Through extensive research I discovered that the Rice Diet consists of rice, vegetables, and a small abundance of fruits all packed into a rigorous regime.

And by rigorous, I mean punctual and planned eating throughout the day. While the diet contains high carb doses, it limits the intake of protein and sodium (no sugar, bread, meat, or cheese, and they must all materialize in the back of your fridge and pantry.)

I decided the prime time to start the Rice Diet would occur after New Year, after eating pounds of unhealthy goodness all holiday season. Keep in mind that I altered my eating habits, becoming a Pescatarean and an organic eater before the diet, and it may not persist as easy for some to leave all the foods mentioned behind.  

Now comes the grueling part: Every meal indulged in cannot contain any salt; only pepper, and eaten at distinct times throughout the day. Between every meal, one can only consume lemon infused water.

The diet not only compels for healthier eating, but also recommends a routine exercise schedule. For me, it became Hot Yoga, though one can choose any form of exercise they wish. I would recommend eating thirty minutes before investing in any form of physical activity, so as to maintain energy throughout your practice.  

To keep track of the weight I lost, every Sunday in the morning I would weigh myself. I began with losing only half a pound per week to losing almost three pounds a week. Of course I did cheat a couple of times. Keep in mind that the speed of your metabolism ties in with how much pounds you shed. I have a slow metabolism, therefore I did not lose the twenty pounds in a month, although I lost ten. My body began to transform in many ways. I became toned and slimmer in distinct areas of my body and overall felt amazing.

The Rice Diet ensues a strong mind and an abundance of determination. While many diets hold a label of warning, the Rice Diet mixes the essential nutrients in planned meals and insures success.