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Autumn Boekeloo
Autumn Boekeloo, a senior at North Cobb, has been a passionate writer and an enthusiastic editor since the first semester of her sophomore year. The personal life of Autumn Boekeloo is quite intriguing. Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Autumn has a bond with nature and views the place as her absolute favorite. Autumn lights up a room the moment she walks in and aspires to live a positive life. She also has a weakness for fashion, and you can tell by her taste in style which according to my observations is absolutely breathtaking and gorgeous. Of course makeup is an element that would fit in the fashion category! Autumn loves experimenting with makeup and she is far more glamorous than the Kylie Jenner lip kit which makes her differ from the rest. Someone who bonds with nature, dresses nice, and looks glamorous wearing different brands on her face that make her look glamorous has got to love watching Youtube videos on her spare time. “I’m in LOVE with Youtube vloggers like Tara Michelle, Aspyn and Parker, and Mia Stammer,” she says.

Other hobbies of Autumn include hanging out with her friends because she says that she is obsessed with them and that they have a gigantic impact on her. She also loves shopping when she is not writing or when she is not experimenting with a variety of makeup brands. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Alex Bearden, who graduated from North Cobb this past school year. “Autumn is the most beautiful, caring and supportive girl I have ever met and I love her with all of my heart and plan to be with her for a lifetime because she gives me purpose and I’m happy every time I see her beautiful face and her amazing smile,” he says.

Autumn’s zodiac sign is a Gemini and qualities of a Gemini include “brilliance, gregariousness, enthusiasm, tact, cheerfulness, wit, and versatility.” A moment of silence for how agreeable these adjectives are for the wonderful Autumn Boekeloo! Her friend, Philip Wynne, also a Senior at North Cobb, describes Autumn as the most genuine friend one could ever ask for. “Besides being a great friend, she is very outgoing and a little ditsy. But I love her to death anyway,” he says. Back to her school life, Autumn is currently undecided about where to attend college but she hopes for the University of Tennessee or Georgia State. Wherever the road to success may take her, she is both wishing and willing to expand her horizons by majoring in Journalism and taking on the world in her very own and special, Autumn ways.

Profile written by Leda Catak

Autumn Boekeloo, Entertainment editor

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Autumn Boekeloo