Snapchat unveils new features


Autumn Boekeloo

The new Snapchat update features several changes, most notably the filters.

Autumn Boekeloo, Reporter

Snapchat recently created a new way to enhance pictures and videos by enabling animated filters, introducing achievements, and in-app purchasing.

The update ( for all users includes the most popular new feature: the face detection lense filter. Now, holding down one finger on your face will bring up a white outline, which opens numerous options for effects to put over your face.  

A new filter everyday leaves users anticipating what will amuse them tomorrow. The filters range from rainbows bursting out of the mouth to animal faces. Snapchat also impressed many with its “spooky themed” filters for Halloween. The filters left users wondering what will be available for future celebrations.

On the contrary, Snapchatters quickly became dissatisfied when their favorite filters disappeared after a short time. Specifically, after a certain amount of days, new filters will appear at the bottom of the screen and push filters from previous days away so they no longer appear visible to users.

“They take away the filters you like and then ugly ones come in,” Snapchat user junior Sarvia Martinez said.

This issue may currently remain unsolvable, but users continue to enjoy the new filters and post their creations on “My Story.”

The update additionally allows users to win trophies for reaching certain “achievements” while using the app. Countless amounts of achievements (shown in Emoji form) intrigues users to Snapchat more frequently, aiming to obtain more awards in their “Trophy Case.”

Snapchat now allows customers to purchase additional replays for $0.99. Rather than allowing only one free replay per day, the app now provides three replays each day for no cost. “They’re a little pricey-but time is money,” the official Snapchat Tumblr account said.

With so many new features, Snapchat gains popularity and raises additional revenues with their in-app purchases. The app continues to grow with every update and continues providing anticipation for the future of their Snapchat selfies, and achievements.