Not all dogs go to Heaven


Autumn Boekeloo

Indy, the puppy named after Indiana Jones, warms and loves his human while he sleeps, serving his purpose. Dogs are a blessing to humanity, and the movie A Dog’s Purpose has an in-depth look at what these creatures do to make our lives so much better.

Autumn Boekeloo , Entertainment editor

The film A Dog’s Purpose, based on the novel by W. Bruce Cameron about one dog reincarnated, hit theaters with a “ruff” reputation on January 27.

On Wednesday, January 18, a video revealed by a TMZ reporter exposed horror on set as a dog trainer forced a dog into rapid water. Outraged and disgusted, animal lovers expressed their opinions about the horrendous conditions the trained dog experienced in the video. 

Infuriated with the treatment of the vulnerable German Shepherd, supporting this film with any amount of money made me cringe. With the lowest prices in the Kennesaw-Acworth area, I attended my local NCG theater and prepared myself for a night of self-regret and bleakness with the thought of the helpless German Shepherd in my head. However, as soon as the adorable Golden Retriever puppy appeared on the screen in the opening credits, the humming of the word “Aww!” from the audience filled the theater, and my biased opinion prior to the movie vanished.

Now, before jumping to conclusions about the movie as a whole after the viral video, I highly recommend giving this movie the chance it deserves. However, I must warn that I cried six times during this two hour movie, and continued to cry while exiting the theater.

The relatability of the film hit close to home, following a young boy named Ethan who finds comfort in his new best pup Bailey, voiced by Josh Gad, despite the ups and downs of life surrounding him. The film came full circle ending with Bailey reincarnated into a St. Bernard named Buddy, who rediscovers his teenage owner Ethan, now an elderly man.

As a 17 year old girl, my heart melted for each of the dog’s (Bailey, Ellie, Tito, and Buddy) stories. Boys, if searching for a way to embrace and comfort a girl, she will need some affection after this tear-jerker. (Cough, cough, the perfect Valentine’s date night.)

The simplicity of the film and the view from a dog’s perspective gave the movie a unique character. My once apathetic feelings for the movie completely shattered after relating to the film on a personal level. The movie provided a comforting family-oriented vibe that left me feeling nostalgic and satisfied with the small-town setting.

Following the movie, I voiced my opinion on how impressed A Dog’s Purpose left me to my friends and my family, and recommended they see the film for themselves. Not only would I absolutely see this movie again in theaters, but I look forward to purchasing it when it releases on BluRay and DVD. I recommend entering this film with an open mind and straying away from over-analyzing the meaning.

A Dog’s Purpose left me with tears, a heavy heart, and a desire to quickly go home to spend time with my own dog. Despite the prior controversy, this movie focuses on a heartwarming story and a feel-good ending to viewers. With a willingness to spare two hours of time to give this movie a chance, I promise you will not regret your decision.

The Chant’s Grade: A+