Green is (not) the new red


Autumn Boekeloo

Starbucks released the new holiday cups with designs drawn by 12 customers around the world.

Autumn Boekeloo , Entertainment Editor

On November 1st, Starbucks released a series of green “community cups” that stirred up controversy like sugar in a latte.

In prior years, Starbucks religiously reserved the first week of November for the revealing of the notorious holiday cups and drinks.

Starbucks announced on their Twitter the importance of unity by releasing their community-based green cups.

Courtesy of @Starbucks

This year, to Starbucks lovers dismay, the company proposed a green cup with drawings of baristas, customers, and the community coming together as a whole. Naturally, the immediate response to change infuriated the coffee shop’s customers, causing a Twitter uprising demanding the return of the previous red cups.

But have no fear, Instagram enthusiasts, Starbucks assured us the green cups will only temporarily represent unity in the community and the oh-so aesthetically pleasing red holiday cups will return on November 10th.

In consideration of the tweet rage, Starbucks continues to drop hints about the arrival of the upcoming holiday cups on their Twitter account. Using the hashtag #RedCups, a Starbucks holiday cup appears on users tweets, making it simple to show the excitement for the arrival of the beloved cups.

The hashtag #RedCups allows Starbucks lovers to show their excitement and long anticipated arrival for the holiday cups and drinks.

Autumn Boekeloo

The long-awaited Red Cups will return Thursday, awarding customers with a “Buy one holiday drink, get one free to share,” November 10th through 14th from 2-5 pm to ring in the holiday vibes.

Overall, Starbucks never disappoints when it comes to the holidays, so no worries coffee enthusiasts, your favorite annual gift from Santa Starbs will arrive November 10th.