Maddie and Tae offer country feels in new EP Start Here


Phlip Wynne

Maddie and Tae’s newest album provides catchy and meaningful tunes.

Autumn Boekeloo, Reporter

Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye, two young women living in Nashville, TN developed a powerful, musical bond in 2014. Working their way up to stardom, Maddie and Tae recently released their new EP, Start Here.

Maddie and Tae’s new album sent them to the top of country charts, incorporating everyday issues with a comical charm. “We wanted to write the songs from a girl’s perspective” says Tae. “You know, in ‘Girl In A Country Song’ how does she feel wearing those cut-off shorts, sitting on the tailgate?”

While listening to the album, I began to develop an understanding of the girls’ experiences. Maddie and Tae describe life from a young girl’s perspective, working through everyday struggles to find her voice. Specifically, “Sierra” speaks to me. Growing up in a public school environment, I face girls who believe they maintain superiority over their peers. By confronting the way they interpret the actions of a girl who does not always express kindness, Maddie and Tae perfectly represent this relatable persona in their song. I feel all young women will relate.

Maddie and Tae also hit deeply in their song “Smoke.” The song brings up hard memories of a break up. The lyrics “One minute you’re by my side and then you’re gone again” brought me back to a time in my own life. Reminiscing on the past, I remember feeling torn and alone.

While many songs provoked emotion, reminding me of personal experiences in the past, my favorite song on the album stands as Maddie and Tae’s hit single “Girl in a Country Song.” The day my dad heard the song on the radio, he immediately characterized “Girl in a Country Song” as hilarious. Later that week, we googled the song, and instantly burst into laughter. The song expresses the girls’ comical side and shines light on stereotypical men in modern country music, who sing about women as objects rather than actual people.

Overall, Start Here combines the perspective of a young girl growing up with a charming country flare. I would recommend this album to girls of all ages experiencing any pressing situation in life. I left truly impressed by the work of Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye and look forward to future albums.