Students spend a night above the clouds at Homecoming


Courtesy of Erin Belmar

Students dance to the music in the cafeteria, laughing and enjoying time with friends.

Autumn Boekeloo and Leda Catak

The “A Night Above the Clouds” Homecoming dance provided an evening filled with dancing, singing, and unforgettable memories for students on October 15.

 At 7 p.m., NC students crowded into the cafeteria to see multi-colored lights, a greek sculpture, and a group of DJs head-bopping to popular music. The night also included upbeat music, dancing, and a plentiful amount of PDA.

“It was really fun! I enjoyed the snacks and general atmosphere; the decorations were quite original, and I definitely loved the dancing,” sophomore Michael Wise said.

Moreover, different personalities contributed to different perspectives on the idea surrounding “Homecoming.” While bringing a date to homecoming seems to be the “norm” in high school, most NC students just enjoyed a night with friends.

“To all of my friends who think they need a guy to make them happy, you are all wrong,” sophomore Nina Hursit said. “I’m not trying to be salty or anything, but I’m proud that I don’t have a date. Maybe I want to be myself and have fun by myself. I certainly do not need anyone to determine my happiness.”

The night would not function smoothly without the hard work that Tribal Connection (TC) members put into creating a glamorous night. Members worked for strenuous hours to ensure that the dance satisfied all students.

“We worked so hard to put this together and there were times when TC members had mental breakdowns with theme, but we’ve survived the rough times,” senior Dakota Goodwin said.

The night concluded with throwback songs, but the party never stopped. Students continued to make the night count by enjoying post-dance meals at restaurants such as Waffle House and Steak and Shake.

“Waffle House was the highlight of the night. We got to create more memories from the night with some of my best friends,” senior Brandon Isnetto said.