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Leda Catak
Leda Catak is not only The Chant’s News Editor, but a beacon of light and positivity for all her friends.

With her optimistic outlook on life, it comes as no surprise that she can always be found with a smile on her face. Leda is a Pisces and identifies with the star sign’s qualities of being emotional, dreaming big, being indecisive, and adapting to new situations easily.

Although she was born in Georgia, Leda has a Turkish background and visits friends and family in Turkey on a yearly basis. Loving Turkey’s beautiful Bosphorus structure, it definitely stands as her favorite part of the country.

In her free time, Leda watches Ruya, a Turkish soap opera that features a twisted love story involving money, power, and scandal. On the weekends, she works at Tea Leaves & Thyme, employed as a hostess and happily greets each and every customer that walks in. Unfortunately, the tearoom does not serve her favorite food: lasagna. Although luckily, they do serve an incredibly tasty pasta salad and platter of decadently covered dark chocolate strawberries.

Furthering her deep love of Turkey and all it has to offer, Leda listens to Turkish music, her favorite singer being Pinhani. With his mysterious, dark tunes, his music makes Leda think about her past troubles and how she has overcome them.

At her home in Kennesaw, Leda lives with her parents, grandma, and brother, who just graduated from Georgia State University after majoring in Business. Leda also has a sister, who will be starting her first year at the University of Georgia.

Apart from belonging to newspaper, Leda is also in Student Connect, where she helps freshmen become acquainted with the school and leads them in the right direction. In freshman year, Leda was a part of colorguard, but broke her pinky before their last performance and withdrew from the team after that year. However, Leda joined newspaper because she knew she was a talented writer and wanted to explore her different interests through writing. Her favorite part of being in newspaper is the fact that she is able to voice her thoughts and utilize her freedom of speech.

In the future, Leda hopes to be a pediatric psychologist, as she believes that a child’s emotions dictate the lives ahead of them. Leda’s love for children is also shown through her enthusiasm about babysitting, even asking strangers if she can hold their babies.

Written by Tara Anastasoff

Leda Catak, News editor

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Leda Catak