Clear “Skyes” ahead: Freshman election sparks bright future


Tara Anastasoff

After just becoming integrated into the North Cobb environment, the freshmen class elects their class president, Skye Farmer, and vice president, Josh Hollis, as their class officers. Clear that both members of the freshman class possess high-spirited and confident attitudes, they remain well respected among their peers and hold many great plans for the future of the school.

Leda Catak, Reporter

The Freshmen Academy held an election to vote for the next ninth grade class president and vice president in early September, electing Skye Farmer as president and Josh Hollis as vice president.

“I’m going to try to interact with people from all over the academy to get as multiple opinions as I can and I will also start talking to adults about what their views are and use that to make our school function succeedingly,” Farmer said.

Her ambition clearly reflects the number of votes she earned and her experience with the election.

“I was really happy and kinda nervous at the same time because all of my friends were cheering for me and giving me all of this support and I felt super dedicated to let my leadership skills prove for itself,” Farmer said.

Teachers continue to set the bar high for students to succeed and do well. However, the school life could sometimes deem stressful and the important idea to keep in mind still lasts today: if a student shows motivation to do well, he or she will do well. The simple rule applies in any type of situation.

“The Tribal Connections sponsors made me feel like it was a good idea to become class president and I was motivated to take the next step forward,” Farmer said.

Becoming class president portrays the image of a stressed student in multiple ways. Students must bear competition between close friends to vie for the position.

“I was running against my close friend named Sharon and it made it awkward but at the same time we were both in for a good cause and the benefit of other people. In all situations, I feel like it was a win-win for all,” Farmer said.

Hollis holds himself to high standards with the vice presidency. He looks forward to strengthening his character through the position.

“One of my goals is to be more organized, and have more responsibility. I do have these qualities, I just want more of it and to become better at it,” Hollis said.

After the announcement of the vice presidency, Hollis experienced a gleeful shock. He appreciated the trust his constituents put in him.

“I felt very happy when I found out that my peers voted for me and I almost gained trust for my friends because I did not think they would do such thing to help me become a leader,” Hollis said.

The young leader formulated a list of goals to achieve by the end of the year. They include organization, time-management, and efficiency.

“I am sure that I will be given tasks in order to succeed at what I am doing, and I want to exceedingly complete those tasks before the deadline if they have one,” Hollis said. “I want to complete them efficiently and have a nice product that is better than expected.”