Colleges show their spirit at NC


Nadya Awino

College admissions officers visited NC last Thursday to give students advice on college and the application process. Representatives from colleges in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi set up tables covered with pamphlets and informational papers about their school. A Mississippi State spokeswoman pictured above helps families by answering specific questions handing out college merchandise.

Autumn Boekeloo , Entertainment Editor

Juniors, seniors, and parents crowded into the theater on September 1st at 7 p.m. for NC’s annual College Night where representatives met with students, and families learned how to best prepare for college applications.

Members from colleges in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi attended the night. Students asked questions, received pamphlets, and talked to members about what their school offers academically and recreationally.

“Just seeing all the different colleges so I can learn information to like choose which college I want to go to. I think [my favorites are] UGA and Vanderbilt,” junior Kourtnee Wingard said.

While the night inspires students to prepare for college early, a generous amount of students felt overwhelmed by the choices and reality of continuing their education after high school.

“I’m confused because this is all really overwhelming, and college is terrifying and [even] the prospect of [applying to] college is terrifying,” senior Alia Mahmood said.

The quantity of schools allowed students to search for the colleges geared to their specific interests and majors. Many knew exactly what to look for.

“I’m definitely planning on being in the military so if any of these colleges have ROTC programs I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for them and those are my preferred choices,” senior Cameron Hutcheson said.

Each college representative entered NC rich with information about their school and left with the satisfaction of enlightening junior and senior students. Students left eager to begin their lives as individual scholars or employees after high school.