525,600 minutes: Gilmore Girls revival from an outsider’s perspective


Autumn Boekeloo

Boekeloo becomes entranced by Netflix’s revival series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Autumn Boekeloo, Entertainment editor

Beware: spoilers lie ahead!

Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, welcomed anticipating fans back to Stars Hollow on November 25th, 2016.

From an outsider’s perspective, the revival did not impress. I prepared to view the four episodes as a newcomer, expecting not to understand the inside jokes from the original “Gilmore Girls” show.

As soon as I embarked on my journey into the new Netflix series, I immediately had trouble following Rory and Lorelai’s quick, witty banter. For any stranger to the show, the mother-daughter conversations will come as quite a shock to the brain if hoping for a relaxing night of binge watching. While at first the fast-paced dialogue bothered me, I started to enjoy the simplicity of a heart-to-heart discussion. The casual leap from subjects relates to many mothers and daughters which gives the show an intimate edge.

Besides the amusing conversations, newcomers fell in love with the main characters Rory and Lorelai, but nostalgic Gilmore super fans? Not so much. Endless tweets about Rory’s immature behavior in the revival flooded my timeline, which confused me considering the revival takes place ten years later.

After following the show from the winter to fall episode, I started to form a connection to the characters, feeling sympathy and enjoying the witty humor. Hoping for a breathtaking ending of “Fall” after developing a love for the show, I surely found myself gasping for air, to say the least. The second I heard the words “I’m pregnant” the popcorn literally fell out of my mouth from my jaw dropping so low. I give kudos to Amy Sherman-Palladino for having the nerve to leave viewers on the cliffhanger of a lifetime after waiting ten years for this spectacular reunion. Why Palladino, did this fan-base not suffer enough? Even as a newcomer to the show, I will sip my coffee imagining Luke’s Diner until given a reasonable explanation for this catastrophe of a cliffhanger (preferably in more seasons to come, Netflix.)

Personally, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life left a conflicting mark on me. Half of me wants to binge watch the entire seven seasons of Gilmore Girls tonight, but the other half wants to crawl under a rock and try to ignore the post traumatic stress Rory just caused me by announcing her pregnancy and then the screen going black; please send snacks, I might be under here for awhile. Overall, I applaud the creators for bringing back the roots of the show to delight lifelong Gilmore Girls fans.

The Chant’s Grade: B