DIY fall goodies spice up drab decor

Autumn Boekeloo, Reporter

Fall’s arrival leaves the days of scorching summer heat in the past. Try these fall DIY’s to enhance your home for the season.

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As the season of sickness approaches, stay prepared to fight off illness. Although you might feel awful, access to these adorable tissues may bring some happiness.

What you will need:

  1. Mason Jar (wide mouth)- $2.99 (Michael’s)
  2. Copper metallic spray paint- $6.99 (Michael’s)
  3. Ribbon of your choice- $3.99 (Michael’s)
  4. Tissues- $1.00 (Dollar Store)

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Tired of carving  pumpkins every year? Instead, decorate your front porch with a classy painted pumpkin to attract guests. Children carve jack-o-lanterns for fun but as a teenager I would much rather paint an Instagram-worthy pumpkin.

What you will need:

  1. Stencil of your choice (not pictured)- $4.29 (Michael’s)
  2. Pumpkin- $3.99 (Kroger)
  3. Matte spray paint- $5.37 (Home Depot)

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For a touch of personalization, a DIY side table decoration surely adds character to any boring nightstand. Choose your own color scheme of leaves and scented candles to create a unique fall decoration personalized for your home. The delectable aroma delightfully fills your home with the smells of the season and leaving you feeling warm and cozy.

What you will need:

  1. Basswood slice plaque- $8.99 (Michael’s)
  2. Glade candle- $2.99 (Kroger)
  3. Pine cones and gold acorns- $9.99 (Target)
  4. Colorful leaves- $1.00 (Dollar Store)

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