New “PocketBac” sanitizer flops


Melissa Sagaseta

The new “PocketBac” hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works did not impress its critics.

Autumn Boekeloo, Reporter

Bath and Body Works released a heftily priced brand new “PocketBac” hand sanitizer in June 2015.

With a new formula as well as a modified design to the bottle, the hand sanitizer attracted attention to buyers. Personally, the new “formula” and appearance did not impress. After researching the product and trying out both the old hand sanitizer and new hand sanitizer, I found that the supposed new formula proves nothing but a change to the label. On the original Drug Facts located on the back of the first hand sanitizer bottle, Bath and Body works promotes a “Quick drying, non-sticky formula.” After comparing the original and new bottles, this stood as the only difference. The ingredients remained the same. While some might find satisfaction with the same formula and ingredients, after so many years I expected a substantial change.

Although the ingredients remained the same, the physical changes stood completely renovated. Originally rectangular, the new PocketBac bottles are spherical but contain the same 1 oz amount of product. Unfortunately, a new bottle design means a new holder design. Along with purchasing the remodeled PocketBac, buyers will contribute more money to the company, because the new physical form will force customers to purchase a new hand sanitizer holder. Starting at $3.50 on you can obtain a holder that costs more than the $1.75 hand sanitizer itself.

A further problem with this change stands as customers inability to purchase the original, if they prefer, because the Bath and Body works stores completely eliminated the original bottle.

Needless to say, I am against this change and am unhappy to be forced into purchasing a lesser product.

The Chant’s Grade: C