Coachella’s fashion winners and losers


Autumn Boekeloo

Junior Melissa Sagaseta wearing a Coachella-inspired outfit.

Autumn Boekeloo, Reporter

Coachella fashion has increased in popularity over the past decade with the expansion of modern-hipster flair. Notable trendsetters ranging from reality stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner to Youtube personality Amanda Steele savored the festival in unique styles.

Popular artists invigorated the crowd with unforgettable performances, but the main attraction of the festival remained the sensational attire.

The Good:

Taylor Hill posing at Coachella. Courtesy of
Photo courtesy of Style Bistro
Taylor Hill posing at Coachella. Courtesy of

American model Taylor Hill left fashion lovers in awe when sporting her trendy paisley pattern romper at a show during the festival. Hill incorporated a brown string jacket with a black belt and a tan Michael Kors cross body bag she wore throughout the festival days she attended. Hill utilized small accessories repeatedly to enhance her overall look. Simple updos made Hill appear put together yet effortless in style. She included the rainbow “Lokai” bracelets into her look along with the required Coachella entrance bracelet on her wrist and several different choker necklaces to complete the look.

The Bad:

Amanda Steele strutting in her Coachella style.
Photo courtesy of Steele’s Instagram (@amandasteele)
Amanda Steele strutting in her Coachella style.

16 year old YouTube star Amanda Steele stirred up controversy with recent Instagram posts posing in her provocative Coachella outfit. Arguments between Steele’s subscribers sparked broadly about the image she should set for young girls. In the photo, Steele strutted in the V.I.P area of the festival wearing black knee-high boots, black denim shorts, a black bikini top, and no surprise here, a black leather vest. Steele wore mini rings, black sunglasses, and a silver statement necklace to accessorize. Overall, Steele remains obligated to freely wear her choice of clothes without approval of followers, but her outfits did not amuse fashionistas.

The Ugly:

Kylie Jenner wearing a “Discount Universe” two piece.
Photo courtesy of
Kylie Jenner wearing a “Discount Universe” two piece.

Kylie Jenner, a well known reality television star, turned heads at Coachella, but not in a remarkable way. Jenner, known for her constantly changing hair and notorious plump lips modeled a “Discount Universe” hand-embellished sequin undergarments set currently only available for pre-order on the Discount Universe website. Jenner did not accessorize with the garments, but brought attention to her outfit with rainbow hair she wore in braids. Jenner did not impress after wearing stunning outfits in previous Coachella festivals.

In attempt to wow the public, stars who attended Coachella 2016 succeeded. With astonishing styles worn by A-list celebrities, the overall fashion sense proved extraordinary among Coachella trend-enthusiasts.