Dunkin Donuts’ caramel macchi-yucko repulses


Autumn Boekeloo

Dunkin Donuts’ caramel macchiato lacks consistency and ultimately disappoints.

Autumn Boekeloo, Reporter

Dunkin Donuts recently added the notorious Caramel Macchiato to their menu, while Starbucks, on the other hand, released their Caramel Macchiato years ago. Although America may “run on dunkin” I almost ran away from Dunkin Donuts attempting to consume their perception of a “caramel macchiato.”

As a major fan of Starbucks and their deliciously-crafted macchiato, I found myself  interested in trying the Dunkin Donuts version.  Expecting disappointment in Dunkin Donuts recreation, I underestimated the saying “hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” My taste buds denied the unpalatable first sip.  

In the Starbucks version, baristas produce an iced espresso experience for their customers. The thick, sweet milk mixed with vanilla syrup rests at the bottom of the clear cup, while the espresso rises to the top. As opposed to Dunkin Donuts, whose caramel macchiato looks completely mixed together and appears a light brown color. Less appealing, but I still gave the drink a regretful chance. The picture displayed in the Dunkin Donuts drive thru clearly demonstrated an appearance similar to the Starbucks caramel macchiato, but I received a drink distinctively different from the drink the company exhibited.

While the first impression of any drink or food item stands as a significant, the most important part remains taste. Unfortunately, I found myself dissatisfied with the flavor of the caramel macchiato.  I could hardly stomach the overwhelming caramel syrup which had sunk to the bottom of the cup. The amount of espresso in the macchiato matched the equivalent of five shots rather than one, leaving me nauseated. I immediately disposed of the unbearable drink and continued on to Starbucks.

I would not recommend the Dunkin Donuts caramel macchiato to anyone. I strongly suggest finding something else on the menu, or even going to Starbucks to save yourself the risk of wasting your money.

The Chant’s Grade: F