The epi”dab”mic: NC earns its first dabbing team


Melissa Sagaseta

The first ever roster for NC’s new dabbing team.

Autumn Boekeloo , Entertainment editor

With 2016, came the epi”dab”mic. A life without the viral sensation? Unimaginable to the brainwashed American mind.

After a short a-dab-tation period, NC students began embracing the trend and taking it upon themselves to incorporate the act into the athletics department.

“I have finally found the sport for me. I have waited for NC to fund this cause since I first heard that catchy Migos song,” senior Dabrah Dabbin said.

Jared Noblet, head of the athletic department, conjured up the idea of incorporating dabbing as a sport at a faculty meeting on March 22. Without hesitation, Principal Horton sent a schoolwide message to parents and teachers addressing the recently developed sport.

The next day, students took action. Tryouts for the Dapper Dabbers dabbing team took place in the new gym on March 23 at 4:12 a.m. That afternoon, anxious students stood outside of the new gym hoping to see their name on the “DABBING TEAM 2017 SPRING ROSTER.”

“I was so happy when I saw my name. I have been practicing my technique for the past year,” sophomore Dacob Daberrow said.

The first match, scheduled for April 1, will begin at 3:30 p.m. at the Emory Sewell stadium. Dandrew Dabarani, Delissa Dabadeta, and Dautumn Dabaloo will begin the event as a trio performing their synchronized dabbing routine.

“We have been practicing our synchronised routine for a month now. I think we finally got it down. Hopefully we’ll score high,” senior Dautumn Dabaloo said.

The art of dabbing originated from the famous artist Dabenardo Dabinci in the mid-1400s, inspiring students at NC to follow his footsteps and put his iconic paintings into action on the mat.

“Yeah I got inspired by Dabinci’s paintings to join the sport when I learned about him in art appreciation class. I’ve been working on my form ever since,” sophomore Dara Dabastoff said.

The artistic standpoint of dabbing only begins to display the true significance behind unique practice.

“To get the perfect dab you have to hold your arm at a 45 degree angle. If you don’t have that arm angle correct, you can forget about it,” Daberrow said.

The team looks forward to taking home the gold at their first dabbing competition on April 1. The Dapper Dabbers will face the Yo-Dabba-Dabbas Saturday, dabbing from dusk to dawn.

April Fool’s, you fool!

XOXO, The Chant