How to prepare for upcoming Fantasy Football drafts

Emmett Schindler, Reporter

With the NFL preseason underway, fantasy football players begin preparing for their drafts. Should Adrian Peterson go first overall? Will Peyton Manning bust out with another huge season? Questions like these are often asked when deciding how to prepare for a draft. How should sports fanatics prepare for their drafts?

Many people will utilize mock drafts to gain confidence in their draft strategies and determine when to take a certain player. A mock draft, or a simulation for a real fantasy football draft, contains a format designed to help players gain familiarity with the rankings in preparation for the big day.

Read articles from fantasy football experts to prepare for a draft. Matthew Berry serves as a perfect example of an expert who writes daily on how to optimize a draft. He even writes books about the subject, such as his most recent work, Fantasy Life. ESPN provides a top 300 ranking of the whole NFL that can help assist fantasy players. Most people with the first pick decide to select Adrian Peterson, but others might choose to forgo Peterson for another running back or a top-tier quarterback.

“Who to Draft” articles exist on ESPN, as do “Who NOT to Draft” articles. These articles give opinions on which players to target or stay away from. These opinions make many second-guess their picks. One example of a player that analysts advise against this year remains Rob Gronkowski, as analysts say his injury prone nature will prove poor.

Consider your pre-draft mindset. Draft confidently and stay determined to come out with the best team to fight for that prestigious trophy, which consists largely of pride and fortune-seeking.