Newk’s Eatery opens in Kennesaw, serves up piping hot comfort food


Kat Shambaugh

Newk’s proudly displays its motto: “where the extraordinary is the standard.”

Kat Shambaugh, Copy editor, Photo editor

Located in the newly constructed Kennesaw Marketplace at 1975 Cobb Parkway, the southern restaurant chain Newk’s Eatery opened in the last week of December, serving pizza, salads, and sandwiches to the community. With a homemade feel and impressive efficiency, Newk’s provides delicious fare and a wide variety of options for a reasonable price.

Walking in, customers order at the counter and choose from a variety of booths, tables, and high tops. The wait staff delivers the food directly to tables while garnishes like cheese, pickles, breadsticks, and sauces live at The Roundtable, a buffet located directly in the middle of the restaurant for customers. The green and red color scheme pleases the eye and a large painting with the word Kennesaw links the restaurant to its location.

Newk’s menu provides a range of food choices, from pizza to mac and cheese to sandwiches and soups. The mix of Italian and comfort cuisine takes the options provided at a similar restaurant, like Panera, to a new level.

To try a mix of the menu, I ordered a bowl of the soup of the day, beef chili, a side of the five cheese mac and cheese, and the Debra pizza. The beef chili came steaming hot in a ginormous bowl; I needed to add more cheese and it relied too much on tomato for my taste, but as a pretentious chili eater, I can give it a pass for not meeting my personally high expectations. Beyond the overwhelming tomato, the warmth of the chili hit the spot and the price, at $6.99, topped the order off perfectly.

Kat Shambaugh
The beef chili releases rolls of steam in a huge bowl.

The Debra pizza consisted of chicken breast, Roma tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan, and a basil pesto sauce. The thin yet crispy crust paired well with the chicken and pesto, and as someone who does not consistently like pizza, this dish excited me for only $8.59.

Without a doubt, the mac and cheese impressed me the most at only $4.39 for a side. Cooked in a delicious cheesy crust made up of Asiago, Vermont white cheddar, two Swiss cheeses, and parmesan, the pasta felt exactly like comfort food perfect for a winter day.

Kat Shambaugh
The side of mac and cheese offers a delicious homemade feel.

My order totaled to approximately $26. The food itself came for reasonable prices for a restaurant of that type; drinks clocked in at $2.29 each which came in a bit higher than expected, but overall I cannot complain.

With a swath of delicious meal options from varying cuisine and at reasonable prices, Newk’s Eatery represents a popular spot for a comforting lunch in Kennesaw. For more information or to order online, visit their website.

The Chant’s grade: A-