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Graciela Soldatenko
When Gracie Soldatenko isn't capturing the aesthetic of objects on her camera, she is cozying up in bed, binge watching Criminal Minds. Soldatenko has travelled the globe going to places such as London and Paris and still has many countries on her list to visit next. Coming from a family line of professors, the pressure is on for her this year to decide on what college she wants to attend.

Moving at the young age of three from Arizona to upstate New York, Soldatenko grew up around open minded people. With her dad studying his way up to receive his PhD, Gracie was introduced to mature topics at a very young age.

The move to Georgia impacted Soldatenko in where she changed her social aspect, “In New York I was really outgoing, because I knew the same people since pre-k. When I came to Georgia I didn’t talk to anyone the first week, but now i’ve made amazing friends that I have been with since freshman year” Soldatenko said.

Ayjah Laguardia, one of Soldatenko’s friend and classmate described her as trying  “to see the best in people, she’s the type of friend that sees both sides of a conflict and is always there for you when you need advice”.

Soldatenko strives to improve her photography skills while working for her high school’s news website, while also trying to accomplish a level of focus and hard-work.

Gracie hopes her senior year will bring about amazing memories with her friends and to bring appreciable content to the NCHS news website, The Chant. Not to mention her love for pugs, she thinks they're splendid too.

Profile written by Melissa Sagaseta

Graciela Soldatenko, Blogs editor, Photographer

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Graciela Soldatenko